Online Re-Enrollment from a Parent's Perspective

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Use this post as a point of reference for guiding families through the ORE process in the portal. The main activities that constitute the re-enrollment process are described section by section.


Families will log in to the ORE Portal using their Veracross credentials (the same ones are used to log in to the parent/student portal) on or after the school’s predetermined Portal launch date. The portal allows parents to log in and work, save their work and continue at their convenience.  The “Complete” check box or “Incomplete” flag displays in each section of the landing page to help parents track their progress in the process. The red Enrollment Incomplete Banner also displays at the top of the homepage so parents know which students they still need to pay a deposit for. This banner will update to “Enrollment Complete” when the (re)enrollment process is finalized.

1. The Landing Page

When parents log in to the portal, they arrive at the landing page.  On this page they will find a combination of standard elements (e.g. school welcome to ORE) and personalized elements (contracts for each of their re-enrolling students). There are four different sections which can appear on the landing page (per each school’s configuration choices): Family Information Update, Enrollment Agreements and Policies, Enrollment Contracts, and Reservation Deposit.

2. Family Information Update

The re-enrollment process provides an ideal opportunity for families to update their household information.  Doing so is made easy in ORE.  Clicking on the “Update Family Profile” button opens up options to update each member of the household.  Members appear on separate information cards, making it easy to review and amend records on a person by person basis.

3. Enrollment Agreements & Policies

The header for this page includes general instructions (configured by the school) on the purpose of the page and the actions that parents need to take. Below the header, families see only the policies that apply to their children.  These policies are grouped according to policy categories, and each is accompanied by a short summary of policy content and purpose.  For policies requiring lengthier commentary, schools have the option to attach a PDF file, which parents access by clicking the “Download PDF” button. To complete each policy, parents must choose one of the three options for each child: undecided, agree, or disagree. The completion status of each policy is clearly indicated on the page.

4. Enrollment Contract

Contracts are configured separately for each re-enrolling student.  Thus, parents will complete these on a student by student basis. After reading the brief instructions, parents open the contract and fill it out.  At the top of the contract, parents will see a ledger of fees and deposits paid.  They are able to choose from among the school’s Tuition payment plan options, and select tuition refund insurance, if available. Finally, they read the Enrollment Agreement (written by the school) and add their electronic signature.

There are some cases where parents and schools decide changes need to be made to the contract after it has been finalized. The school can add an amendment to the contract to signify this change, without starting the contract process all over again. A contract amendment is text and a date added
to the bottom of the contract and will require signing by the parents that signed the contract. Once the amendment has been signed by all required parents, the school cannot change the amendment text. The amendment prints at the bottom of the PDF contract.

5. Reservation Deposit Payment

Once the enrollment contract has been reviewed and signed, parents are able to pay deposits and fees from the portal.  In a brief explanation, the school details its reservation and payment policy, including due dates and available methods of payment. Parents then click the “Pay Enrollment Fees” button and make their payment; the fees are deducted according to the conventions of the school’s payment gateway. After the payment is made, the re-enrollment process is complete, and the user is returned to the ORE home page.

6. Withdrawing

Finally, parents are given the option to Withdraw students from the ORE landing page. By clicking on the “Withdraw Form” link at the top of the page, parents select a student to withdraw, assign a withdrawal reason, and then update the record.