Online Invoice Review and Payment

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Online Invoice Review adds an account overview page to the Parent Portal for any accounting-enabled school. An optional payment interface enables parents to make payments toward any/all of their current invoices online.

The Basic Interface

The basic interface provides a high-level overview of the household account as well as an itemized list of invoices (active and paid).

The Invoice Dashboard

As seen above, the dashboard consists of a household account overview and an itemized list of invoices. The account overview includes the gross Current Due amount, the total unpaid amount, and the total pending amount (pending means the payments which have been made but haven’t yet been posted by the business office).

The itemized list of invoices lists each invoice by number and school year. Each line item includes invoice type, the total amount billed on the invoice, the total unpaid, and the current due. Pending payments are displayed in green.

Additionally, parents may download any invoice as a PDF document by clicking on an invoice number from invoice list.

Online Invoice Payment

If a school chooses to activate online invoice payment, users will be enabled to select “PAY” next to any of their active invoices. This moves an invoice to the payment queue just below the account summary. Any item in the payment queue can be adjusted to any amount between $0 and the total unpaid amount of each invoice.

After any adjustments have been made, users select “Pay Now” and are transferred to the Veracross online payment system to complete the transaction.

Invoice Dashboard with Payment Activated

Clarifications on the Payment System

Veracross does not support automated reoccurring ACH or Credit Card payment, nor do we store user’s credit card information.