Online Giving 2.0 — Overview

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Online Giving Forms 2.0 is a new iteration of Veracross Online Giving Forms that allows for additional payment options and further customization of the form itself, while streamlining the giving process for both donors and schools. This documentation is split into three different articles, with this article acting as a landing page for the entire topic of Online Giving Forms 2.0 while highlighting new features coming with Online Giving Forms 2.0.

Key Features

What makes the new online giving forms better than the old ones? There are a number of upgrades and streamlined processes for Online Giving 2.0! Please note that, to make use of all features specific to donors, the donors must have a VC account and be able to log into Veracross. Those who cannot log into Veracross can still make online donations, but won't have all functionality associated with Online Giving 2.0 available to them. 

Recurring Donations Through Online Giving Forms

For schools that have purchased our VCPay Core module, they are now able to set up recurring donations through online giving forms. Schools are able to enable/disable a number of options for payment frequency and set the default frequency. Donors with VC accounts are then able to set up recurring donations and pick the frequency that works best for them through the online giving form. Note that only schools who have purchased VCPay Core have access to this functionality. 

VCPay Wallet & Giving Forms

For schools that have purchased our VCPay Core module, after logging into their VC Accounts, donors are able to store their payment information for both credit card or ACH transactions in a secure repository where it can be later accessed if attempting to make additional gifts or for use with recurring donations. Additionally, signing in to their VC Account now automatically populates informational form fields, such as phone numbers and addresses, based on data that has already been gathered through Veracross. All this through the interface of the online giving form!


Through the new Online Giving homepages on both the Axiom and Accounting side, you can now access useful, user-specific information related to online giving and payment processing from one location, set the default design for all online giving forms, and configure new recurring donation schedules. Note that recurring donation functionality on this homepage (and everywhere else) requires that your school has purchased the VCPay Core module. The following security roles are able to access these homepages:

  • Axiom: Development_1, SysAdmin_1, SysAdmin_2
  • Accounting: Accounting_DEV, SysAdmin_1, SysAdmin_2

Configuration Article

There are many different ways to configure online giving forms and almost all of it can be controlled directly through the actual online giving form record. Learn about the various ways you can make adjustments by reading the article here.

Gift Types Article

There are many options for configuring gift types on online giving forms. This article details the options available to you, broken down by gift type including recurring gifts and recurring donation schedules.  Learn about the options by reading the article here.

Cancel a Recurring Donation

Recurring donations provide donors an easy method to make scheduled gifts without the manual hassle. In order to maintain donor relationships, recurring donations must be canceled manually by your school. Learn how to cancel here.