Online Event Registration

Become proficient in configuring online event registration to people can sign up and pay for your events from anywhere!


Online Event Registration Overview
The Online Event Registration module allows schools to set up their own online registration forms for any event at their school.
Configuration for Event Type, Checklist and Email Notifications in Online Event Registration
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Event Type Settings The “Event Type” report (“System” homepage) allows each school to configure how they want default functionality to work. Here are som...
Common Form Scenarios for Online Event Registration
Veracross Online Event Registration is intended to make online event forms easy to set up and manage for schools and make the online registration process straightforward for registrants. The better the school understands the options for form configuration, the more user-friendly the forms will be.
Email Templates for Online Event Registration
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Email templates highlighted in the System Email Templates query on the System homepage. You are able to configure the system email templates for online event ...
Event Association in Online Event Registration
Event association determines the first step of the registration process (event sign up). When a registrant is presented with the form they will immediately select which event they would like to sign up for.
Form Configuration for Online Event Registration
The event registration form record is the container for the online registration page. From this record, schools can configure design settings, set instruction text, add extra pages to the form, and manage form availability.
Parent/Student Sign-Up for Online Event Registration
Online event registration forms can be configured to allow various different users to sign up for events. One common user group is parents who sign up related students for one or more events.
Supported Payment Methods
Veracross Checkout presently supports two payment methods: Credit cards and ACH (US domestic bank transfer). Accepted payment methods can be configured for each type of transaction.
Event Registration Header Photos
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Below are images that you can use as the header photos in your online event registration forms. Click to view full-size and then use the photo URL in your event regi...
Does the Calendar_Reader security role allow users to see submissions on an Event Registration form?
No — a user needs the Calendar_Admin security role to see the submissions on an Event Registration form. You can learn more about security roles and how they work in Veracross by reviewing our documentation on the topic . ...
What security role is needed to create online event registration forms?
The following security roles can add online event registration forms: SysAdmin_1 Staff_1 Admission_1 Development_1 To learn more about configuring online event registration forms, please review our documentation here . ...