Online Enrollment Integration with Student Billing Support Workflows

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The Online Enrollment Module integrates with the Student Billing module in many ways.  This integration is evident during common support scenarios requiring communication between these two offices.  This article will discuss the different paths when troubleshooting Online Enrollment and Student Billing integration when your school is live.

Resetting the Contract 

If the Parent has requested that they would like to resign the contract, the Admissions Office can run the "Reset Contract" procedure on the Online Enrollment Detail Screen for that child.  This will affect the Business Office and depending on where the Business Office is in their workflow, will depend on both office's next steps. 

Charge Items are Unposted

If the charge items are unposted for this child in the Student Billing Module, meaning they have yet to be invoiced, see below for a video of how Enrollment is affected by the Resetting of the Contract Action. 

Charges are Posted to an Invoice

If the charge items are posted to an invoice for this child, you will receive an error message when you run the Reset Contract Action. 

  1. If you receive the error, and you will need to run the "Remove Link" Action Option from the Enrollment Detail.  This will remove all connections from the Student Billing Module and ORE Module for these charges for this child. 
  2. Once this is run, you can now successfully Reset the Contract. 
  3. The Business Office will then need to clean up this data, options include:
    1. Delete the new Charge Items that were created when the contract was signed again by the parents 
    2. Make formal cancellations on the AR Invoice and process the newly created Charge Items 

Payment Plan Changes with VC Pay

If you are resetting the Enrollment Contract and the parent chooses a different Payment Plan and you have VC Pay, there are additional things to consider.  Specifically, if the parent is changing Payment Plans that have different VC Pay configurations. 

If the Parent wants to change Payment Plans with different configurations, specifically changing from a Payment Plan that is Optional to VC Pay Registration is Required, run the "Reset VC Pay Registration Data" after you reset the contract and before the family resigns the contract.  This will refresh the VC Pay Registration record, so when the parent chooses their new Payment Plan and signs the contract, the VC Pay Registration record will display 

If the Parent wants to change Payment Plans with different configurations, specifically changing from a Payment Plan that is Required to VC Pay Registration is Optional the only action needed will be to unenroll the Payment Account from AutoPay so the invoice is not included in AutoPay Batches. 

If the Parent changes Payment Plans but they have the same VC Pay Configurations ask yourself does the contract needs to be resigned or will an addendum suffice? Or even just changing it directly in the Accounting Module?  If so, resetting the contract and resetting the VC Pay registration fee will not be necessary.

Please note, in the Terms and Conditions of the VC Pay Agreement, it specifies that fees paid for payment plans are non-refundable.