On the new academic document layout, how do I get the student advisor's name to appear without adding the advisory class to the numeric grades table?

In order for the advisor's name to appear on the document, the "Include on Report Card" flag must be checked on the course record. If the advisory class is not graded, you can filter the numeric grades table to only show academic classes by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the Academic Documents homepage > Configuration Section > Add/Configure Layouts header > and click the appropriate document link
  2. From the embedded table on the document with layouts record, click on the layout you want to adjust in the "Name" column.
  3. On the embedded table of field values, find the "Numeric Grades Table", the second item should be "Table Enrollments"
  4. If the value in the Table Enrollments row is set to all, you can change the filtering options by either course type or class status. The syntax academic_classes would then exclude the advisory class from this display.

Read here for additional information about document layouts.