October 2020 Client Digest

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October 2020

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New Veracross University Content

As we head into late fall, our teams have been hard at work building new features, implementing modules across schools, and continuing our many conversations about the future of our product. We are putting the finishing touches on a new solicitor portal as part of Development 3, AutoPay batch integrity checks, multi-candidate inquiry forms, and a host of enhancements. We also will release our updated product roadmap in the second week of November. Thank you for your continued partnership!

Jessica Wallis
Vice President of Product Management

Recent Product Updates

We have continued our pace of rolling out enhancements and squashing bugs, with 18 enhancements added and 56 bugs squashed in September. Here is a highlight of recent product updates. Find them all at Learn Veracross.

Multi-File Uploads for Single Admission Checklist Items

We added the ability for a single checklist item to support multiple files. Parents in the admission portal can drag and drop multiple files at once or select multiple files in their computer's file browser interface.

Read the full update.

Parents can now attach multiple files to a single checklist item.

Reorganized Household Screen for Accounting + Impersonation Links

We rolled out improvements to the layout of the household detail screen in Axiom Accounting (accounting.veracross.com...) that includes brand new impersonation links for both parents, allowing you to quickly impersonate them in their billing portal.

Read the full update.

Here is an example of the revised household detail screen in accounting.veracross.com...

Non-Parent Billing Portal

We have been in conversation with many of you about how many non-parents you have paying students' tuition: former parents, grandparents, financial custodians, trustees, administrative assistants, organization representatives, and others. You can now set up a portal for your constituents who are not parents to access and pay their invoices. You can set it up as a separate billing portal for non-parent payers to make manual partial or full electronic payments on tuition or non-tuition invoices.

Read the full update.

You can configure a billing portal for pretty much anyone to pay invoices. 

Opportunities Now Switched to "Include in Reports" When Associated Fundraising Activity Is Set As Active

Previously in Development 3, when the status of a fundraising activity switched to Active you would still need to manually update the System Status of all associated opportunities to "Include in Reports" one-by-one or in batch. Now, once a fundraising activity is set as Active, all solicitable opportunities associated with that fundraising activity automatically have their System Status values switched to "Include in Reports."

Read the full update.

Product Updates Coming Soon

Keep an eye out next month for these releases:

  • Development 3 Solicitor Portal: We will roll out a new portal based on our Portals 3 platform — the same platform as our parent/ student/ teacher/ admission/ alumni portal — enabling you to create a comprehensive experience for your development solicitors. 
  • VC Pay Batch Integrity Checks: Backed by the powerful data set in Veracross, we will give you the tools to check for and fix problems with AutoPay batches before they run.
  • Admission Portal 3 Multi-Add Candidates on Inquiry Forms: We are bringing this parity feature from our legacy admission portal to the new platform, the ability to add multiple admission candidates to an inquiry form. 

Upcoming Webinar on November 5

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Webinars are always recorded and posted on Learn Veracross.

New Veracross University Content

We recently rolled out several online enrollment courses, with more to come, and we have a number of live sessions running in November.

Access Veracross University. Don't have a login? Reach out to your Veracross point person at your school. Still stuck? Email us and we'll get you squared away.

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