Number of Children Calculation

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There are a number of reasons why it might be helpful to know the number of children a family has at a school. Perhaps the most evident use is during online re-enrollment for calculating second or third number of student tuition discounts. Veracross helps calculate the number of children a family has at the school and assigns a number to each child.

Child Number Next Year

The “NY Child #” field in Veracross indicates whether a student is the first student in his/her family to enroll, and if he/she is not the first student, whether he/she is second, third and so on.

Eligibility for populating this field is based on the person’s role; namely, in order for a person to count, he/she must either be a student, a future student or an applicant. The number populated in the field is sequential. If, for example, someone is currently applying to the school and he/she has one sibling that is already a student, he/she would be the second person to enroll: his/her number would be two.

Relationship also plays a role in determining a person’s number. As long as the siblings have a relationship of brother, sister,step-brother, step-sister, half-brother, or half-sister, they will be included in this count. For example, if three siblings currently attend school, and a fourth sibling is applying and that fourth applicant sibling is a half brother of the other three, that applicant’s Child Number will be 4. These siblings do not need to be in the same household in order for the child to be included in the count.

Lastly, if any of the children have declined to enroll, have enrollment or re-enrollment on hold, are not likely to re-enroll, are not re-enrolling, or are on a leave of absence, those children will not be included in the number of students of that family. 

Child Number Current Year

Veracross also has a field for calculating the number of children during the current year. Unlike the next year field described above, the current year field does not include siblings with the applicant or future student roles and is limited to siblings in the same household only. The Current Year field also does not exclude students who are withdrawing, not re-enrolling, or have various holds on future year enrollment. The field in Veracross for the current year is called “Child #”. 

Field Use

Both the Child Number Current Year and Child Number Next Year can be found in any person or student query. Additionally, the Online Re-Enrollment module includes this field on the Enrollment record for each student. The field on the Enrollment record is refreshed nightly.