November 2020 Live Sessions


These are the live sessions offered in Veracross University (VU) for November 2020. Find them on the "Live Sessions" tab or the calendar on the landing page in VU.

How to register for sessions: Log into Veracross University, then click a session on the calendar on the landing page, or click "Live Sessions" at the top of the screen. 

The Sessions

All times are Eastern (GMT -4). Discover descriptions of the sessions in our course catalog.

Accounts Receivable

  • Billing Portal (November 5, 11:00AM) 
  • Splitting Charge Item Configuration (November 9, 2:30PM)
  • Invoice Payments (November 18, 1:00PM EST)
  • Deep Dive into Creating Person Charges Items (November 3, 1:00PM)
  • Student Billing Overview (November 10, 1:00PM) 
  • Enrollment and Billing (November 24, 11:00AM EST)
  • Catalog Items Deep Dive (November 30, 1:00PM EST) 

VC Pay/AutoPay

  • Is that Set Up for VC Pay? (November 10, 11:00AM EST) 
  • Payout Processing (November 19, 2:00PM EST) 
  • Payment’s Processing Homepage (November 17, 10:00AM EST)
  • Self-Service Refunds (November 23, 1:00PM EST)
  • AutoPay Integrity Checks (November 13, 11:00AM EST)
  • AutoPay Integrity Checks (November 17, 2:00PM EST)

Business Office Other

  • Around and About for Accounting CRM (November 3, 11:00AM EST)

Online Enrollment

  • HPU Configuration (November 4, 11:00 AM EST)
  • HPU Configuration  (November 5, 1:00 PM EST)
  • Policies (November 4, 3:30 PM EST)
  • Policies (November 5, 10:00 AM EST)
  • Enrollment Contract (November 10, 11:00 AM EST)
  • Enrollment Contract (November 12, 1:00PM EST) 
  • Enrollment Detail Screen (November 17, 1:00PM EST)
  • Enrollment Detail Screen (November 19, 12:00PM EST)