News, Themes, and Templates

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live at least through December 23, 2021, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community, and head to Veracross University for the latest onboarding training.  Please update your bookmarks. 


Take an in-depth look at creating news articles for web or web/email publication, creating/editing themes, and creating/editing templates. Learn the difference between a theme and a template, and how to build both using Composer.

1. Create a News Article

After watching this video answer or complete the following:

  1. Where do you have to begin on the Communications homepage when creating a news article?

  2. What are the two News draft options and what is the difference between them? 

  3. What is the difference between using Composer to create an email versus using Composer to create a news article? 

  4. How do Channels impact what news articles are displayed on Portals?

  5. What is the News article component that is displayed on the Portal homepage?  

2. Create & Edit Themes

After watching this video answer or complete the following:

  1. What are Themes used for? Is it possible to have more than one Theme available for use when creating emails from Composer? 

  2. How do you add new Themes?

  3. What is the common layout option for footers in emails?

  4. What is a “Composer Safe Font?”

  5. What is the difference between the “Background Color” and the “Content Background Color” options?

  6. Do you need to include a header in all your emails? How do you control this display setting? 

  7. How do you modify the unsubscribe message text in the footer of the email?

3. Create & Edit Templates

After watching this video answer or complete the following:

  1. What is a Template and how is it used?

  2. What are the differences between Themes and Templates?

  3. What does it mean to be a “global template.” 

  4. How do you add a Template?

  5. What is an example of a regular communication for which you would want to create a Template? 

  6. Can you modify the Template per email once you have created it? 

  7. What are two ways you can start your message using a particular Template?

  8. How do you create non-channel specific Templates? 

  9. How do Themes and Templates work together to create a starting place for email messages?