Navigating Axiom

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Axiom navigation is made up of three components: Homepages, the Launchpad, and Search. Through each of these components you can access all areas of the system. The Launchpad remains with the user as they navigate from page to page and allows for quick navigation between homepages, detail screens, saved queries, and more.


The Axiom Launchpad is a navigation toolbar that provides quick access to areas of the system and user features such as activity history and saved queries. The Launchpad remains at the top of each page as users navigate through Axiom. In addition to navigation, the Launchpad also becomes the place where queries, reports, and other action items become active and available for the user to update, run, and more.

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There are a number of homepages that correspond to departments within the school. Homepages are made up of a set of query templates and reports that make it easy to access needed data. Homepages also contain links to add information to the system. These links are accessible on each homepage by hovering over the “Add” button. Additionally, schools can access other available homepages by hovering over the “Related Pages” button or by clicking on the  icon located in the Launchpad.

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The search bar is a component of the Launchpad and allows users to search by name for major areas of the system, such as homepages, people, query name, reports, and more. Users can click on the magnify glass or the light blue bar within the Launchpad to begin their search.

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Basic Navigation

Homepage to Homepage

When first logging into Axiom, all users are directed to their default homepage. This homepage is where users can return to at any time for basic functions such as running queries to search for people in the system, viewing calendars, or accessing reports. To view a complete list of all available homepages, users can click on the  icon in the Launchpad which appears at the top of every homepage. Users can also navigate to similar homepages using the “Related Pages” dropdown located in the upper right of the homepage currently being viewed.

Query Templates and Results

When a query is clicked on within a homepage, the query template will show on the screen. An additional navigation option will display within the Launchpad called “Run Query”.

When a query is run, the navigation option of “Design” will also display within the Launchpad so that users can navigate back to the query template.

Tool Tips

Robust tool tips are enabled throughout Axiom, displaying after a one-second delay and remaining visible as long as the cursor stays put. They are mostly utilized in Detail Field labels and Query Result Grid column headers (which show Field Info comments).

Opening Links

When users click on a link within Axiom, the page will open within the same window the user is viewing. Users can right click on any link in Axiom to either open it in a new window or a new tab as needed.

Accessing Previously Opened Queries and Homepages

Users are able to access and navigate to previously viewed queries, homepages and workspaces by clicking on the History2 icon within the Launchpad. The History will also show the amount of time that has passed since the query, homepage or workspace was viewed by the user, as well as additional information. Read more about the Launchpad’s history feature.

User Menu

The options in the “log out” button in the navigation bar of Axiom will vary depending on if the user is logged in as themselves or impersonating another user.

When logged in as themselves, the menu will display 3 options.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Change Password
  • Log Out

When impersonating another user, the menu will display 3 separate options.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Change Password
  • End Impersonation Session

The Log Out option when used while logged in as oneself will work as expected, bringing you to the Axiom login page for your school. However, when impersonating, clicking the “End Impersonation Session” will simply bring the original user to their access point in Axiom.