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The Mobile Portal web application provides an alternative workflow for schools who want simple, mobile-optimized functionality for parents, teachers or students. From the Mobile Portal, teachers are able to take attendance and parents and students are able to access calendars, directories, upcoming assignments, class lists and report cards without sacrificing visibility. The Mobile Portal better connects families to the information they care about most for managing their life at school.

Mobile Portals may only be accessed by users with Faculty, Parent, or Student roles.

Accessing the Mobile Portal

The URL for the mobile portal is:{school_short_name}

Once the Mobile Portal module has been enabled on the school account, access is simple.  Using a mobile phone, parent or student account holders need only to navigate to the school’s Veracross web address, and log in using their existing username and password.

Note: The Mobile Portal is currently accessible in the Safari and Chrome browsers only.

The Login Screen

Once logged in, the home screen displays all of the household calendar events for the day, including access to school-wide events, athletic events and personalized ical feeds.  The home screen also includes a student directory search box from which directory-wide searches for faculty and students can be initiated. For Faculty, they see a Faculty-based homepage with links to their classes – and for faculty who are also Parents of Current Students, there is a button to toggle over to the Parent view.

The Home Screen
Calendar Screen

Features of the Mobile Portal

The Mobile Portal not only offers a wide range of accessibility, it also offers many great features.  For example, the search directory is divided into 3 categories: students, faculty and classes. The students and classes categories are fully searchable by grade, class and member lists. Tapping on a faculty entry in the faculty category will bring up a detail screen that shows all of the contact information available in the faculty directory, including phone numbers, email addresses and, in some cases, even map directions. Further, these Mobile Portal functions integrate seamlessly with a user’s native applications.

Student Directory Screen

Users are also able to see a list of their current classes, as well as detailed reports for each of those classes: progress reports, report cards, current overall grades and other specific grade details. Class assignments, both current and upcoming (up to two weeks future) are also available on this screen.

Student Contact Detail

Perhaps the most valuable feature of the mobile portals is the ability for teachers to take attendance for their classes on their mobile device. Teachers don’t need to use the full-size portals in order to take class attendance, which can make the attendance process really simple on a day-to-day basis for teachers.

Class List Screen

Redirecting to the Mobile Portal

By default, when your school implements the Mobile Portal, attempting to access the portals when using a mobile device will automatically redirect to the mobile portal. This may be disabled by Veracross if you wish to give people the option of choosing between using the mobile portal interface or not. If you wish to learn more about this functionality, please speak with your account manager for additional details.