Mid-Year Enrollment

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In many cases, a student may have enrolled at the school at a date after the beginning of the school year. In these cases, Veracross stores the mid-year enroll information in a couple of different ways, which in turn makes it possible to easily access a list of students who did not start school on the first day in any given school year. This article defines how the system calculates whether a student enrolled mid-year, as well as where that information is stored within the database.

Mid-Year Enrollment Calculation

The Mid-Year Enroll status appears in two places:

  • The Enrollment History record, where the Mid-Year Enrollment status is calculated
  • The Person Enrollment record, which is populated from the Enrollment History

A student will have one Enrollment History record per grading period enrolled, and if enrollment occurred mid-year, the Status field on the record for the appropriate grading period will show as “Mid-Year Enroll.” If not, the status is set to “None.” In order to have the Mid-Year Enroll status set, a student must have a Start Date on the Enrollment History record that falls between the second day of school and the last day of school for the appropriate year and school level. In other words, the entry date must be a date after the first day of the school level’s first grading period that year. The Start Date on the Enrollment History record is calculated from the Entry Date field, so if a student leaves the school and returns at a later time, the information from the earlier enrollment information can be preserved.

Data Visibility

Enrollment History information can be accessed in multiple places.

On the Enr History Tab

Perhaps the most logical location is the “Enr History” tab on student records, which displays a grid of all the records a student has for each grading period he or she has been enrolled in the school. This tab also displays the number of years a student has been enrolled, which is calculated based on the existing enrollment history records. If the student originally enrolled mid-year, the initial enrollment date is taken into account for the Years Enrolled calculation to provide an accurate value.

On the Person Enrollment Record

In addition, Enrollment History information is found on the Person Enrollment record, most commonly accessed via the Find New Enrollment or Find Re-Enrollment queries on the Online Enrollment homepage. Having Enrollment History information on each person enrollment record is useful during the re-enrollment process especially, since it provides a complete narrative of the student’s enrollment at the school over time.

From an Enrollment History Query

Finally, the System homepage includes a Find Enrollment History query, which allows users to search for Enrollment History records for multiple students at once for multiple years. This query is most often used to determine how many students were enrolled during any given year, or can provide details about how many students are enrolled or withdraw from the school either at the beginning, at the end, or during the year.

Additional documentation on how to manage mid-year enrollments, as well as withdrawals, can be found here.