Marking Charge Items as "Ready for Invoice"

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When student charge items are determined to be accurate, they must be flagged to indicate their readiness for invoicing. Read more about charge item processing.

Identify Candidate Charge Items

To identify candidate charge items, run the Unposted Student Charges query  on the Student Billing homepage. In the results grid, note the Invoice? field, which identifies those items that are ready to be invoiced. Charge items can be flagged for invoicing by clicking directly in the “Invoice?” box associated with the appropriate record(s) so that the flag appears with check mark.

The “Invoice?” field is also available on the Charge Item Detail screen. To find it there, click the Person Charge Item ID link on the Unposted Student Charges results grid. The field appears on the General tab.

Batch Process

If your student enrollment is large and many students have several charge items (with some items being split into multiple installments), there will be hundreds or even thousands of charge items to process. Marking each item manually is not feasible. So, Veracross offers a batch process that allow bulk marking of charge items.

To do so, click on the Process Existing Charges link found on either the Student Billing or Accounts Receivable homepage, under the Charge/AR Processing section.

When creating installment charges, select Option 4 – Mark “Ready for Invoice.” Fill in the relevant data and click Add Process Existing Charges.