Manually Scheduling Classes in Scheduler

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While building your schedule, there may be some classes that the Builder cannot schedule and instead need to be scheduled by hand. There may also be classes with special schedules that need to be entered before running the Scheduler. Any classes you manually schedule will not be changed by the Scheduler and that block/room combination will not be available for the Scheduler to use for other classes. For this reason, it’s a good idea to first schedule any classes by hand that must have specific schedules before running the Scheduler.

You can schedule a class manually either by creating your own schedule, or by using suggestions from the Scheduler.

Manually Entering a Schedule

You can create or modify a schedule for any class from the Class screen. This can be done before or after the Scheduler creates class schedules. Start by clicking on the name of the class to open the Class page.

On the Class page, navigate to the Class Schedule tab on the class screen and click “Add” in the Schedule box to create a new schedule. If the teacher is currently scheduled for other classes, the schedule information for those classes will appear on the right. Using the drop downs on the left, select the appropriate grading period, day, block and room to enter the class schedule.

If the class meets all year, you can choose the “All” option in the grading period drop down, rather than having to specify each grading period during which the class meets. Similarly, if the class meets on each day of the rotation, you can choose the “All” option in the drop down to have the class automatically scheduled for every rotation day. However, if the class meets during a only subset of days, or grading periods, you will need to add schedule records for each day or grading period.

If you want to make sure the schedule you entered is kept for this class for any future results, check the “Lock Schedule?” box before clicking “Create Schedule” to save these records to the Template Result and use them in future results. Learn more about Template Results.

Modifying a Current Schedule

If the class already has a schedule it will appear on the Class Schedule tab. You can modify any of the schedule information listed here and change the block, day, grading period or room the class meets in. You can also delete current schedule records all together. Be aware that the Scheduler will not prevent you from manually scheduling a conflict with another class should you choose a block/room combination that is already taken.

If you want to lock the updated class schedule for any future results, click the “Use This Schedule for Future Results” button in the Schedule box to save these records to the Template Result.  Learn more about Template Results.

Modifying a Template Schedule

Once a schedule has been saved to the template, you can modify it from the Class Schedule tab for your current result, or directly on the Template Result for all future results run.

If you are viewing the schedule of a class in your current result that was copied from the template result, a message will appear on the Class Schedule tab saying the class schedule is currently saved to the template result. The message will also indicate whether the schedule you are viewing is the same as or different from what is stored on the template.

If you have altered the schedule of the class in your result to be different from the template schedule, you can either choose to revert back to the class schedule that is saved on the template, or update the template result to use your modified class schedule for future results. Once your class schedule has either been reverted back or used as the new template, the message on the Class Schedule tab will update saying the class schedule is again the same as the template result.

You can also modify a template schedule directly in the Template Result. To do this, activate the Template Result of the Scenario you’re working in and navigate to the Class page whose schedule you want to modify. When working in the Template Result, an orange banner will appear at the top of every page letting you know you are editing records in the Template.

On the Class page, navigate to the Class Schedule tab to see the schedule that has been locked and modify it if needed. As the Scheduler indicates, whatever schedule is shown on the Class Schedule tab in the template is what will be used on all future results. Any changes made to the class schedule in the template will take effect the next time the Scheduler is run.

Once a class schedule has been locked to the Template result, a message will appear on the Class Schedule tab saying the existing schedule has been saved to the template result. You can make changes to the schedule, even if the schedule has already been locked to the template result.

Using a Suggested Schedule

Another way to ‘manually’ schedule a class is to use the Schedule Suggestions tab on the Class screen. This tab will suggest time slots that are available in the current schedule, given the teachers schedule for the current result.

Not every suggestion listed here will obey all the constraints you have set, but they will use the appropriate room settings (indicated either at the subject or course level) and suggestions will only appear in blocks the teacher is allowed to teach in. The schedule suggestions are meant to broaden the selection of available time slots to see if using slightly more flexible schedule criteria makes it possible to find a time slot for the class.

The Students Affected column indicates how many students are currently enrolled for this class who would have a conflict with the proposed schedule listed. Clicking on the number will bring up the specific list of students who would be affected. This number doesn’t necessarily represent how many conflicts could not be resolved if the class were moved, but rather how many students would have an immediate conflict with the new schedule. This column is only useful when looking for a schedule suggestion after students have been enrolled in the result.

To choose one of the proposed schedules for the class, click the “User this schedule” link in the row of the schedule you wish to use. This will automatically create schedule records for this class for the grading period, block and room on the Class Schedule tab.

Partial Schedules

Occasionally the scheduler will suggest partial schedules for a class that could be combined to allow the class to meet for a full year. By default, the Scheduler will not schedule a class to meet in a different block or room between grading periods; however, you can manually schedule a class to do this by combining suggestions for partial schedules (e.g. {Q1, Q2 – Block 1 – Room 100} and {Q3, Q4 – Block 5 – Room 225}).