Manually Reserving Timeslots for Parent/Teacher Conferences

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During the course of Parent Teacher Conference scheduling, it is sometimes necessary to reserve a conference slot for a parent manually within Axiom.


The steps for manually reserving a conference slot are listed below:

1. From the Parent/Teacher Conferences homepage, click “Find Unscheduled Conferences” and select the conference slot that you would like to schedule.

2. Add the name of the Student in the format “Last (comma) (space) First/Nickname”, e.g. “Mason, Colleen”.

3. Click the “Update Parent/Teacher Conference” button. If only one student is in Veracross with that name, and if the conference slot is for a teacher of a class that the student is enrolled in currently, and that class status is “Active,” the system will insert attendance records for the parents. If, however, this update fails to create attendance records for the parent(s) (if, for instance, there is more than one student with that name) then you should manually add attendance records for the parents. (If this is the only student with this name, then perhaps the attendance records weren’t added because the timeslot is for a teacher the student isn’t enrolled in, or perhaps there is some other integrity issue, and perhaps it is not proper to reserve this timeslot for this student).

4. For each Conference Attendee (the student’s Parents), enter the name of the student in the format – “First Last: ID” in the “Notes” field next to each parent’s name, formatted as follows: Colleen Mason: 22496.

5. Click the “Update Parent/Teacher Conference” button.