Managing the School Year (Administrative and Academic Tasks)

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There are many administrative and academic tasks that need to be performed in Veracross at different times of the year and can be roughly broken down by season. This article serves as an overview of managing the school year. The School Year Management documentation category is also helpful to review, and many of the “Read More” links below direct to articles in that category.

Managing the Seasons of the School Year

The following tables provide an overview of the different required tasks throughout the school year. Summers are broken down month by month, as these processes run on a tighter timeline for most schools. Then are listed periodic processes that occur throughout the year (often in tandem with the start and end of grading periods), and then processes that tend to occur in the fall, winter, and spring.

Summer Processes

SchedCopy athletic eventsAthletic events must be copied prior to running the close school year process. Read more. Classes must also be copied to next year prior to closing the school year, but those are typically copied well before June (so you can schedule classes for next year). 
AdminClose school year
Talk to department leaders, review your data, and run the self-service Close School Year procedure in Axiom. Read more.
SchedHide schedules in portalsNext year’s schedules and classes can be hidden from the Parent/Student Portals. Recommended while working on them. Read more.
SchedChange grading periods?
(14 day lead)
Changing grading periods (e.g., from quarters to trimesters) can be done, but needs to be considered carefully and incurs additional cost. Read more.
SchedTeachers can copy assignments and resources as neededTeachers can use the Class Migration Assistant to do this directly in their portal. Read more.
SchedPrep for class schedule and roster uploadsIf using the Veracross Excel template or a 3rd party scheduler, make schedule data is complete before sending to Veracross. Read more.
SchedImport classes and/or class enrollmentsRather than using the Veracross Excel template, the Veracross Import tool is available. Read more.
SchedUpload class schedules and rosters
(14 day lead)
If using the Veracross Excel Template or a 3rd Party Scheduler, send data to Veracross 14 days in advance to import into your school’s database. Read more.
SchedMake student schedule changesUse Class Enrollment Manager to make schedule changes. Read more. Also see the Student Scheduler
CalDecide on next year’s calendar events
Decide whether to copy school calendar events from last year, upload using the Veracross Importer, or manually enter events. Read more.
AdminRoll the Portal School Year Forward
At some point over the summer, the school year needs to be rolled forward in portals. Read more.
AdminPrep for start of school year
Before starting the school year, make sure that grading period dates are correct, classes/schedules are in Veracross, and that school events and holidays are present. Read more.
AdminStart School Year
Starting the school year will change future parents & students to parents/students, populate ‘entry date’ for new students, set classes to ‘active’, and promote grade levels. Read more.
SchedConfigure rotation day calendar
Configure your schools rotation day calendar after school calendar events have been uploaded. Read more.
AccountsPrep for new parent/student accounts
It is necessary to configure welcome emails, test sample accounts, and decide the best time to create new parent/student accounts. Read more.
AccountsCreate new parent/student accounts
Creation of parent/student accounts is possible after the school year is closed and after the necessary prep work above. Read more.
AdminCopy transportation schedulesIf using the Transportation Module, copy transportation schedule records to the next year, if desired. Read more.
SchedPublish student schedulesPublish schedules to the parent/student portals. Read more.
AdminConfigure or update portals and portal membershipReview and update portal configuration and membership as needed. Read more.
AdminConfigure DirectoriesConfigure directories as desired. Read more.
AdminConfigure communication channelsConfigure communication channels as needed for email and portal display. Read more.
AdminLaunch portalsIt is best to launch or re-open Portals access after all information (e.g., schedules) are ready and published. Read more:
AdminImport locker assignmentsImport locker numbers and combinations, if needed. Read more.

Periodic Processes Throughout the Year

The following tasks occur throughout the year, weekly or monthly as needed.

AccountsEnable and disable portal accountsParent and student accounts can be enabled and disabled throughout the year as needed. Read more.
AdminManage logistics requestsManage logistics requests as needed. Read more.
AdminManage HPU updatesManage HPU updates requiring approval. Read more.
AdminManage data integrity issuesDedupe and manage data integrity regularly. Read more.
SchedMake student schedule changesUse Class Enrollment Manager to make schedule changes. Read more.
SchedTransfer students between classesTransfer students to different classes or sections as needed. Read more.
SchedWithdraw/late enroll studentsWithdraw and late enroll students as needed. Read more.

Periodic Processes Associated With Grading Periods

The following tasks occur in conjunction with the close and end of grading periods. All are required at some context, but often will be determined by the specific practice at a school. All are initiated and managed by the school.

AdminManage parent/teacher conferencesManage parent/teacher conferences as needed. Read more.
AdminGrades and Comments ReviewAfter teachers enter grades, they can be reviewed. Read more.
AdminMove to the next grading periodCertain steps need to be taken when moving ahead to the next grading period. Read more.
AdminPost and lock gradesGrades should be posted and locked in order to be considered “finalized” in Veracross. Read more.
AdminPublish academic documentsPublish your progress reports or report cards. Read more.
AdminPost and lock transcript gradesOnly certain grading period grades will be posted to transcripts. Read more.

Fall Processes

Several tasks typically occur in the fall.

AdminConfigure GPAGPAs needs to be configured before documents are published that display them. Read more.
AdminTroubleshoot email deliverabilityMonitor delivery/open rates and manage the spam/bounce list. Should be checked periodically, but it is helpful to attend to bounced emails right away in the year. Read more.
AdminUpload student and staff profile photosUpload and manage student and staff photos using the photo management tool, typically after fall school photos are taken. Read more.

Winter Processes

Several tasks typically occur in the winter.

AdminBegin Online Re-EnrollmentSchools typically start the re-enrollment cycle between December and March. Read more.

Spring Processes

Several tasks typically occur in the spring.

SchedCopy classes and schedulesCreate copies of the classes/schedules from one school year to the next. Read more.
SchedDecide class scheduling optionsFor each school level, decide on the best scheduling option. Options include: Veracross Schedule Builder, Homeroom, Excel Template, Manual, Imports, and 3rd Party Scheduler. Read more.
AdminSubmit documents to be builtSubmit any documents that need to be built in the spring, well ahead of summer (when it gets very busy with other tasks). Schools should reach out to their account manager.
AdminManage new coursesCreate and manage any new courses for the following year (ahead of the summer rush).
SchedManage course requestsSome schools manage course requests and scheduling manually, and others use the Veracross Scheduler. Read more.
SchedUse the Scheduler to build next year’s scheduleSchools can use the Veracross Scheduler to build a schedule and enroll students. Read more.

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