Managing Student Physical Exams

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Physical exams are tracked in Veracross using individual events. This allows a school to track multiple physical exam dates for one student as opposed to tracking only the most recent physical exam.

Adding Physical Exams

There are two ways to add a physical exam for a student:

  1. From the student’s record, or
  2. Adding an Individual Event.

To add a physical exam from the student’s record:

  1. Open the student’s record and navigate to the Events tab.
  2. In the empty row, enter the date of the physical. If this field is left blank, it will update automatically to the current day.
  3. In the Event field, select the ‘HLTH: Physical’ option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter any necessary notes about the physical.

    Note: Any notes entered in individual HEALTH event types are only visible to users with Medical_1, Medical_2 or Sys Admin security roles.

  5. Click “Update” at the top of the screen.

To add a physical exam through an Individual Event:

  1. Select the ‘Add an Individual Event’ link found under the General section on the Health homepage.
  2. Enter the student’s name in the Person field (last name, first name)
  3. In the Event field, select ‘HLTH: Physical’ option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the date for the physical.
  5. Add any necessary notes about the physical if needed.
  6. Click ‘Add Individual Event’ at the top of the screen.


The Follow-Up section of the Student Physical Exam has no logic attached to it and is for internal tracking only. No Calendars or email alerts are available for this section.

Finding Physical Exams

Once a student’s physical exam has been entered, they can be found using the ‘Find Individual Events’ query on the Health homepage. All physicals will appear as events with the ‘Health: Physical’ event type.

Physical Exams are also monitored from the Athletic Program homepage by opening the ‘Expired Physical Exams’ query found under the Reports section. The report lists any student whose physical exam has expired and the date of expiration. Students must have at least one physical exam entered in Veracross for the system to be able to determine if they have an expired physical exam.