Managing Student Medications

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Medication that needs to be administered or held for students can be tracked in the Veracross Health Module by adding a student medication record. This allows the nurse to keep track of details regarding medications a student is currently taking, such as how often and when they need to be administered, as well as the dosage for the medication.

Student medications tracked in Veracross can be found using the ‘Find Person Medications’ query.

To add a new medication for a student, select the ‘Add a Person Medication’ link under the General section on the Health homepage or navigate to the Medications tab on the Person Medical Detail screen and select “Add Record…”. Once the medication is added for the student, the Medications tab on their patient detail screen will display the newly added medication.


  • Patient: the name of the student using the medication (last, first).
  • Medication: the name of the medication. This is a required field. Note: If the medication name is not already in Veracross, it can be added by clicking ‘Add a Medication’ in the Configuration section on the Health homepage.
  • Medical Provider: the name of the nurse or other medical provider who is administering the medication.
  • Start Date: the date in which the medication was first administered or will first be administered to the student.
  • End Date: the date in which the medication stopped being administered or will stop being administered to the student. Note: if left blank, Veracross will assume this medication is current for the student.
  • General Cycle: indicates how often the medication should be administered (e.g. every other day).
  • Daily Cycle: indicates what time during the day the medication should be administered (e.g. mornings).
  • Critical: check the box if the medication information should be flagged as critical.
  • Confidential: check the box if the medication information should be flagged as confidential.
  • Create Log Entries: if checked, medication log records will be created for this medication according to the schedule specified in the fields above for the nurse to update as each dose is administered.
  • Notes: any additional notes regarding the medication, the student’s medical history, etc.
  • Dosage Instructions: notes for dosage instructions for administering the medication.

The Notes and Dosage Instructions text fields are mirrored on both the General tab and the Medication Log tab. If a field is updated on one tab, it is also updated on the other.

Medication Log

The Medication Log tab displays all log entries that are scheduled for this student’s medication. Users are also able to track the Scheduled Time, whether it was Given, Time Given, and Dosage through the medication log, as well.  For Medication Log entries to display an accurate picture of when the medication should be given, the medication must have correct information entered when adding the medication for the student. Once this information is confirmed to be accurate, the “Create Log Entries” option must be checked off and updated, or else the Medication Log will not populate for the medication in question. It is important to ensure this information is correct before the “Create Log Entries” option is checked because any further modifications to the medication tab will not carry over to the Medication Log after the initial entries are generated.

By default, log entries are created for a M-F schedule. If your school needs to track weekend hours as well, contact your Account Manager for assistance.