Managing Student Immunizations

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Immunization information can be added and tracked per student.

Any student’s immunization information can be searched using the “Find Person Immunization” query on the Health homepage. To view a specific student’s immunization record from the query results, click the “View Detail” link in the “Detail” column.

Adding Individual Immunization Records

To add a new student immunization record, select the ‘Add a Person Immunization’ link under the General section on the Health homepage. Any student immunization record added will update the Immunization tab on the patient detail screen.

  • Patient: enter the name of the student who has received or will receive the immunization.
  • Immunization: use the drop-down menu to select the name of the immunization.
  • Scheduled Date: specify the date in which the immunization is scheduled to be given.
  • Actual Date: specify the actual date in which the immunization is given. If this field is left blank, it will update automatically to the current date.
  • Dose Number: enter the dose number of the immunization.
  • Dosage Amount: enter the dosage amount of the immunization.
  • Vaccine Used: enter the immunization vaccine used.
  • Provider: specify the health care provider, if applicable. Use the ‘. . .‘ to search for existing health care providers in the system.
  • Administered by the School: use the checkbox to indicate whether this immunization has been or will be administered at the school.
  • Exemption Code: use the drop-down menu to specify the reason why the student may be exempt from the immunization requirement (e.g. religious).
  • Exemption Text: use the text box to provide a comment for why the student is exempt from the immunization requirement.
  • Out of Compliance: use the checkbox to indicate whether the student’s immunization record is out of compliance with the school’s immunization policy/requirements.
  • Verified Complete: use the checkbox to indicate whether the student has completed the immunization requirement.

Batch Adding Immunization Records

If a large number of students need immunization records added to their medical history data, the Veracross import tool allows for immunization data to be uploaded via spreadsheet. Learn more about how to upload immunization data using the importer.

Related Groups

The Health homepage includes three links on the right hand side for finding students with immunization exceptions, immunization non-compliance, and immunizations needed.

While these queries are useful for finding students, contacting the students (or their parents) directly from each of these lists takes several steps. To facilitate easier communication, Veracross has several system-defined groups that correspond with each of these queries. The groups can be found through the Find Groups query, which is available on the Main homepage (among others). Once looking at the results of the Find Groups query, click on the Health category to view the three groups. The groups have the same names as the queries on the homepage:

  • Immunization Exceptions
  • Immunization Non-Compliance
  • Immunizations Needed

Since these groups are student-centric, use the Parent Distribution List links on each individual group to contact the parents of those students.