Managing Student Dismissals

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Students sometimes need to be dismissed from class to leave school. A student may need to be dismissed for a dentist appointment, for example, or there may be many students being dismissed for a field trip, or athletic game. There are two ways to dismiss students early: one at a time, or via a group event.

Individual Student Dismissals

To dismiss students one at a time (e.g. for an appointment, or to go home ill), simply open the master attendance record for the date in question, either by going to their person record and then to their Attendance tab, or if the early dismissal is same day, by using the Master Attendance link to access the Master Attendance record. Once on the Master Attendance record, set the attendance status for the student, enter the dismissal time in the “E/D Time” column and update the record. When the record is updated, the student’s class attendance status from the time of dismissal through the rest of the day will be updated to “not expected”.

Group Event Dismissals

Often, students will have other activities going on at school (such as sports events or field trips) that require them to miss class time on occasion. These types of early dismissals often affect a class or a team and so need to be entered for more than one student at a time. To manage early dismissals for groups of students, you will need to add a group event. In Axiom, “Add a Group Event” from the “Add” drop-down menu on the Main homepage.

On the group event screen, use the Classifications to choose which group of students needs to be dismissed early. If you need to specify a specific team playing that afternoon, or the class that will be going on a field trip, etc., use the Primary Group field or the Groups tab to select the groups needed. Next, set the Event Type to either “Field Trip” or “Game”. Either of these event types will allow the students to be dismissed early from class. Lastly, be sure to set the “Class Departure Time” on the group event. The time entered in this field will be entered as the “Early Dismissal” time on each student’s Master Attendance record and will cause the students to be dismissed early from class.