Managing Future Attendance

Attendance records are created seven days into the future so there will always be attendance for the upcoming week already created in the system.  To record any future attendance exceptions that will occur within the next seven days, there are two options:

  1. Access the student’s “Attendance” tab of the student detail screen.  Update the existing attendance record for the future date.
  2. Click the “Attendance Calendar” link on the Attendance homepage.  From the calendar, click the appropriate school level link for the desired future day to access the standard Attendance screen for the given school-level.  Make desired changes.

Attendance exceptions that occur more than seven days in the future will need to be added manually on the student’s “Attendance” screen or by clicking the “Add an Attendance Record” link on the Attendance homepage.

Teachers can find future attendance in their gradebook by clicking to the future date on the Attendance tab.