Managing Course Classifications

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Course Classifications are tags that enable schools to filter courses for things such as Student Course Requests, GPA configurations, Other Program Courses, Summer Programs configuration, and the Veracross Scheduler.

Add a Course Classification

Each school can customize the list of available course classifications to best fit how they categorize their list of courses. To add a new Course Classification, click on the +Add menu on the System homepage and select the "Course Classifications" option. Name your new classification by entering a description. Additionally, you can optionally enter a sort key for your new classification. If your school uses the Veracross Scheduler, be sure to indicate which classifications should be included in the Scheduler and enter a Scheduling Sort Key for each. Read more about this below.

Scheduling Sort Key

The Scheduling Sort Key is used by the Veracross Scheduler to indicate the order in which classifications should be scheduled. Classifications will be scheduled in numeric order, beginning with 1. If a classification should not be included in the scheduling process, uncheck the “Include in Scheduler” flag.

Schools using the Veracross Scheduler can adjust the Scheduling Sort Key on existing classifications at any point during the scheduling process to change the order in which classifications are scheduled.

Setting Courses Classifications

Once classifications have been added, they can be tagged to courses from the Course detail screen. To do this, open the Course and navigate to the “Classifications” tab. You may need to first refresh Axiom to see any newly added classifications from here. Check off the classification(s) you want to assign the course and update the record.

Note: The AP and Honors classifications are automatically marked for Courses based on the “AP” and “Honors” flags set on the General tab of the course. These flags are also visible from the Course List query.