Maintaining and Editing a Financial Statement ("FINS")

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The purpose of this article is to provide users with a guide on how to perform maintenance on existing financial reports in Veracross. For users looking to learn the the financial reporting tool (FINS) to build new reports from scratch, please refer to  Creating a Financial Statement which provides an in-depth guide on how to create and build a new Financial Statement Spec.

Navigating to FINS Reports

From the Launchpad, Navigate to the General Ledger Homepage. Scroll down to the Financial Summary section where you will find the following options:

  • Run a Financial Statement Report (Action): Allows you to run a FINS report based on the financial statement and fiscal year parameters you set.
  • Financial Statement Spec. List: Lists the specifications used in financial reporting. Essentially, this is the list of each financial statement reports that exist in your database. By clicking on each one, you can format the Financial Statement Spec. which will be used when running financial statements.
  • Financial Statement Report Log: This is a log where you can find all of the reports generated using the “Run a Financial Statement” action.

Running a GL Financial Statement Report

Navigating the Financial Statement Spec. List

Navigating the Financial Statement Report Log

Account Types and Cost Centers

Formatting a Financial Statement Spec.

Adding Lines to a Financial Statement Spec. 

How to Use Total Levels

Duplicating a Financial Statement Spec.

  1. From the General Ledger Homepage, navigate to the Financial Summary section and click on Financial Statement Spec. List.
  2. Click on the existing Financial Statement Spec. that you want to make an exact copy of. 
  3. Click on the action menu button and select “Copy Specifications”. Then click the green “Copy Specifications” button.
  4. Navigate back to the Financial Statement Spec. List, and you will see the new Financial Statement Spec. has been added.
    1. The new Financial Statement Spec. you duplicated will have “(Copy)” at the front followed by whatever the original Financial Statement Spec. was titled. It will also have is own unique FINS Report ID
  5. Rename the Financial Statement Spec. and make any changes as desired.  

Running and Creating Cost Center Reports