Locker Import Type


The Veracross Data Importer allows schools to import student locker information. When the import runs, each locker will either be updated with a lock number and combination, or be created if it does not exist.

Importing the data involves two things:

  1. Preparing the data for upload.
  2. Uploading the data using the Veracross Data Importer

Preparing the Data for Upload

Prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing contact data for any/all of the fields listed below. This CSV file must contain all of the required columns in the order listed below, even if no content is populated in the columns.

Buildings where the lockers are located must already exist in the database.

Fields on the Import Type Template

The only required field is marked with an asterisk (*).

buildingText field. Building must already exist in the database.
locker_number*Cannot exceed 12 characters, and must be unique within the same building.
lock_numberCannot exceed 20 characters.
combinationCannot exceed 8 characters.
student_idAssign a locker to a student by populating this field.
locker_typeOptionally, specify “P” (primary) or “S” (secondary). If left blank, “P” is assumed. Up to two lockers may be assigned to a student (one primary and one secondary). If specifying more than one, indicate one as primary and one as secondary in two separate lines of the import spreadsheet.