Learning Management System Quick Start Guide for Teachers

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live through December 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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This articles provides training videos for teachers to learn about the Veracross learning management (LMS) system. Within the portals, you have they ability to build out and manage your class content and determine what is visible and available to parents and student.

How to Use This Article

This article features summary points, videos, and documentation links for the major areas of the Veracross LMS. 

  • Each video is introduced with a summary and bullet points.
  • Watch the video to learn more about the feature or workflow.
  • Document links are included like this: Learn more here.

Taking Attendance

Learn the basics of taking attendance in the Teacher Portal.

  • Learn how to navigate to the Attendance screen
  • See the difference between Master vs. Class Attendance
  • Learn the different scenarios teachers are able to enter in their portal


The gradebook provides you with a robust way of managing your grade data by simplifying the assignment workflow, increasing flexibility with displaying assignments to parents and students, facilitating communication between students, parents, and more.

Adding an Assignment

Learn about assignments in the context of gradebook, the parent portal, and the student portal.

  • Learn about the different fields and tools in the gradebook
  • Find out how to display assignments on the student / parent portal
  • Find out how to add scores to all assignments or just one assignment at a time
  • Learn how to easily navigate through the gradebook using keyboard strokes

Assignment Completion Status

The following is a description of each assignment completion status and how each one affects the overall grade. 

  • What different Statuses affect the automatic score
  • How to communicate with parents and students using assignment completion statuses.
  • Learn more here.

Assignment Type Weighting

Use assignment type weighting to calculate the students' overall grade by weighing each grade in each assignment type (e.g. homework, quizzes, papers, etc.) as a certain percentage of the overall class grade. For example, homework might be worth 40% of the student’s grade, quizzes 30%, and papers 30%. 

Assignment weighting is not mandatory. If no assignments are weighted and no assignment types are used, then the gradebook calculates the overall score by simply dividing the total points earned by the total points possible. 

Reports and communication

You also have the ability to run simple reports and see a students past performance from the portal.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans allow teachers to prepare for class meetings on a day-to-day basis. In addition to writing the day’s lesson, teachers can attach file resources to assist in the lesson and assign themselves tasks to manage lesson to-do items. 

  • Learn about the different between public vs. private lesson plans
  • Where and how are we able to add lesson plans
  • Learn more here.

Class Website

Class websites provide you with a highly customizable tool for managing class content, which can be anything from upcoming assignments, posts or pages created by you, class discussions, resources, or photos.

Create a Simple Class Website

Learn how to create your class website.

  • Learn about creating posts, quick posts, and pages
  • Learn how to streamline communication using the class website
  • Dive into display status to control what parents and students see in their class website.
  • Learn more here.

Parent and Student View of the Assignments

A short overview of how students are able to interact with the assignments created in the gradebook.

  • Preview what the dropbox feature looks like to students
  • See what controls a teacher has over the assignment display

Parent and Student View of the LMS

Preview what the parent and student see on their class website.