Learn about assignments in the context of Gradebook, the parent portal, and the student portal here.


Assignment Annotations
Assignment annotations allow teachers to annotate (“mark up”) assignments that have already been turned in via the Veracross assignment dropbox.
Assignment Dropbox
The Veracross Assignment Dropbox allows students to submit their assignment work digitally from the Student Portal.
Assignment Management Through the Parent Portal
View the companion article to portal assignment management: Student Portal: Assignment Management
Assignment Management Through the Student Portal
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Class List Assignment Planner Class Tab Assignment Dropbox Submissions Grade Detail Report View the companion article to portal assignment management: Parent Po...
Assignment Workflow
There are a number of possible steps involved in the lifecycle of a typical assignment. Bellow are links to two examples of possible workflows of a single assignment.
Completion Statuses for Assignments
The following is a description of each Assignment Completion Status and how each one affects the overall grade.
Extra Credit Assignments
There are three ways a teacher can enter extra credit points in Veracross.
Gradebook Icon Legend
The Gradebook provides a summary of score and assignment details for all the teacher’s students per class.
Weighting by Assignment Type
Assignment Type Weighting is used by teachers who calculate the student’s class grade by weighing the student’s grade in each assignment type (e.g. homework, quizzes, papers, etc.) as a certain percentage of his or her overall class grade.