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The Gradebook provides teachers with a way to manage all their assignment and score data for each of their students across an entire term or school year. There are many components to the Gradebook, and each are designed to enable teachers to be more productive by providing them with advanced assignment management. This article presents a list of articles on using the Gradebook via the Teacher Portal.

Browser Requirements

For optimum viewing of the Gradebook’s many advanced features, it is best to use an updated modern web browser, such as Google Chrome (recommended), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (version 10 or higher). The Gradebook is also optimized for viewing on the iPad.

Overview and Workflow

Teacher Portal: Gradebook and Assignments Overview
The assignment detail screen is one of the core components of the Gradebook. From this screen, teachers may manage portal displays, edit assignment information, manage scores, and enable the dropbox per student. A high level view of assignment and student data is available on the “scores” tab of the Gradebook. Also available are the “assignment,” “graphs,” and “weighting” tab. Each tab presents assignment data according to that specific aspect of assignment management, enabling teachers to target their actions on each assignment.

Comprehensive Teacher Assignment Workflow
An assignment can follow one of two workflows in Veracross: basic and comprehensive. The basic workflow includes the core four steps needed to add, display, and publish scores to students for each assignment. The comprehensive workflow includes a range of additional optional steps a teacher can make a part of their assignment workflow process including Dropbox submissions and feedback options.

Gradebook Legend
The Gradebook “scores” tab provides a summary of score and assignment details for all the teacher’s students per class. Each cell presents a summary of the student’s progress on the assignment and the action the teacher has taken on the assignment. A number of badges are used to help teachers quickly identify the student’s progress with the assignment and whether the assignment contains feedback, private notes, or notifications. The Gradebook Legend provides a glossary of all badges, completion status indicators, Dropbox states, and score colors.


Assignment Dropbox
Teachers may enable the Dropbox per assignment to allow students to submit work electronically from a number of contexts in their portal. Management of the Dropbox is then controlled through one of three states of the Dropbox: closed, expecting, or received. If the Dropbox is open, a triangle will appear in the lower left corner of each student’s assignment cell in the Gradebook. Teachers can view submissions from the Scores tab on the assignment detail screen.

Annotation and Feedback Management (Beta)
Assignment feedback allows teachers to easily communicate with students about assignments that have already been turned in via the Veracross assignment dropbox. Feedback can range from a teacher supplying a comment about a grade to a file attachment including notations. This article explains how teachers can annotate files provided as feedback as well as delete comments that may have been added in error.

Integrating the Veracross Dropbox with Google Drive
For schools whose students use Google Drive to create and manage documents, it is possible to integrate Veracross Dropbox with Google Drive. Once a student links their Google account with their Veracross account, they will be able to submit files directly from their Google Drive as well as their computer.

IB MYP Grading
Veracross offers a set of specific portal features for use in International Baccalaureate MYP programs, which are designed to be used with the official IB MYP criteria. Learn how to configure a class for MYP grading, and also how assignments are graded and viewed in the teacher, parent, and student portals.

Assignment Type Weighting
Teachers may assign weights to assignments based on Assignment Types (e.g. classwork, homework, projects, etc.). Weights and lowest grade criteria are configured per grading period using the “weights” tab in the Gradebook. The weighting section of the Gradebook is equipped with basic troubleshooting features to ensure weights are entered correctly for each Assignment Type.

Assignment Completion Status
The Assignment Complete Status determines both its status as it is completed by the student (i.e. is it late?, is it not turned in?) and also helps the teacher manage where the assignment is in the grading process (i.e. is it turned in, but not graded?, is it not required to complete?). All assignment complete statuses can be managed on an individual student basis from the “scores” tab in the Gradebook.

Extra Credit Assignments
Extra credit assignments may be added three different ways in Veracross: extra credit points added to an existing assignment grade, extra credit assignments created, or extra credit points awarded to the final grading period grade. Extra credit assignments will have a different effect on the overall grade depending on the option selected.

For Students and Parents

Student Portal Assignment Management
Students manage their assignment information from three key areas in their portal: class list, assignment planner, and the class tab. The class list enables students to quickly scan for new updates in any of their classes. The assignment planner provides a calendar view of all their assignments across all class sections over time. The class tab displays a detailed list of assignment information for one class. Students may also submit assignments through the open Dropbox on their homepage or class tab and view their grade detail reports. All activity a student conducts on an assignment will be reflected in the Gradebook as a badge, completion status, Dropbox status, or feedback thread.

Parent Portal Assignment Management
Parents may view their children’s assignment information from three key areas in their portal: student classes & reports, assignment planner, and the class tab. The student & report section enables parents to see any new notifications that a teacher has sent them about one of their child’s assignments. The assignment planner provides a calendar view of all their assignments across all class sections over time. The class tab displays a detailed list of assignment information for one class.