Legacy API

Explore the legacy API here.


API Configuration Overview
Overview An Application Program Interface (API) is an interface that allows third parties to receive data via request calls. The Veracross API has been built to connect third party vendors, in partnership with schools, to data stored within a schoo...
Update: School Route Name in API Documentation
Module: Core Foundation Effective:  4/17/2020 Action Required: None Previously, when logging in to the Veracross API documentation, the system would auto-populate your school’s URL route name in the example API feeds. Beginning to...
Can Person Reference Numbers be pulled through the API?
Not at this time. Currently only the Legacy ID and Student Legacy ID fields from the Other tab are the only fields that pull through the API.
Can we use profile codes through the API?
For security reasons, profile codes are disabled for the API by default, but you can update the "Include in API" flag on the profile code query.
Do we have API feeds for cohorts?
Currently, there are no API feeds for cohort functionality. To read more about cohort functionality, please review our documentation article.
Does Veracross support raw SQL data exports or provide ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) support?
Veracross does not support raw SQL data exports or provide ODBC support. Depending on what you are trying to do, utilizing our API will likely be the best option for you. Many school software companies now use APIs that easily connect with Veracross...
What is an API feed and how do we set up a new API feed?
In basic terms, an Application Programming Interface (API) defines the request of data from one software to another. Veracross clients can allow some 3rd party platforms to request data directly from their school's database through an API feed. ...
Calendars and Group Events
Overview Take an in-depth look at how calendars work in Veracross. Learn about group event properties and how different configuration options such as event types, visibility, or classification impacts how events display on calendars. Calendar Home...