Late Enrolls/Withdraws from Classes

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How to Withdraw a Student from a Class

On a student’s enrollment record or from his/her schedule all tab, populate the date withdrawn field. When this date arrives, the system will:

  1. Stop generating attendance records for the student.
  2. After 10 days, remove the student from the class roster on the teacher portal.
  3. Remove the student from the class roster in Axiom immediately.
  4. Trigger the flags “Exclude from Transcript” and “Exclude from Report Card” to be set to “Yes” immediately.

Some options to consider when withdrawing a student from a class

  • Decide whether or not to show a grade for this class or transfer the posted grade to another class.
  • If posting a grade for the class, toggle the exclude from report card/transcript flags to “no” and decide if this class should receive a grade status, such as “incomplete” or a posted numeric grade, etc.

How to Late Enroll a Student into a Class

  1. On the class detail screen, click the “Add Record” button. Search for the student and update.
  2. On the newly created enrollment record or from the student’s schedule-all tab, populate the late date enrolled. If there are plans to transfer a grade from a previous class, make sure the late date enrolled is the same date as the date withdrawn value on the prior class.
  3. When this update is made:
    • Attendance will be generated from the late date enrolled onward.
    • The student will appear on the class roster in Axiom and in the Teacher Portal.

Some options to consider when enrolling a student into a class

There are times when teachers would like to transfer the grade from the class the student was previously enrolled in to the new class (in order to show their grade as a cumulative grade). To do that, they will use the transfer assignment/posted grade procedures. To learn more about this process, see the Transferring Students between Classes article.