Knowing When Attendance Has Been Taken

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Class Attendance Status

The Class Attendance Status field in Veracross is used to indicate whether a teacher has taken class attendance for each of their classes that met that particular day. There are three possible Attendance Statuses a class can have for the day: Taken, Not Taken or N/A.

By default, all classes that meet on a given day start off the day with the Attendance Status “Not Taken”. As teachers take class attendance throughout the day, the Class Attendance Statuses are automatically updated from “Not Taken” to “Taken” when the teacher saves their class attendance from their teacher portal. If the teacher has not taken attendance for the class (either because it has not met yet, or because the teacher neglected to take attendance), the Class Attendance Status will remain “Not Taken”.

An “N/A” status is set when a class does not have attendance taken that day. A class may have an Attendance Status of “N/A” if the class is not scheduled to meet that particular day, or perhaps if all the members of a class were on a field trip.

Typically, Class Attendance Statuses are automatically updated by Veracross, but they can also be set manually from the Attendance tab on the Class record, or updated from a Class Attendance Status query.

Class Attendance Statuses are also visible from each student’s Master Attendance detail screen. Next to each class attendance record is a field called “Attendance Taken” which displays the Class Attendance Status for each of the student’s classes on this particular date.

Historical Class Attendance Statuses

Class Attendance Statuses are primarily used to keep track of the teachers who have not yet taken attendance for today’s date. However, it is possible to retrieve Class Attendance Statuses to see whether a teacher took attendance for their class on a prior school day.

To find prior Class Attendance Statuses, you can use the “Find Class Attendance Status History” on the Attendance homepage, or any of the the school level specific homepages. By default, the query will search for all Class Attendance Statuses from the past two weeks. However, you can easily manipulate the query to search for specific Class Attendance Statuses, or for a particular date.