Keyboard Shortcuts in Axiom

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Axiom offers a growing number of keyboard shortcuts. The tables below highlight the command for each of those shortcut keys and explains how each one functions.

Axiom Query Design

Use the % (percentage) character to turn a “begins” with into a “contains” operator in any query criterion.
Use Ctrl + Shift + D to duplicate the selected field in a query design. This is especially helpful in case of function fields.

Axiom General

Use these shortcuts to navigate Axiom in a more efficient manner

Shortcut KeyCommand/ CharacterEffect
Backtick (grave accent)`Opens the Launchpad Homepages section
International Keyboards: Section§
Shift + tilde~Opens the Launchpad Favorites section
International Keyboards: Plus-Minus Sign±
Forward Slash/Opens Launchpad search
TabtabFor indicated Launchpad search results, this opens Launchpad Quickview for that item

Grid Query Results

Use these shortcuts to navigate on a general query results page.

Shortcut KeyCommand/
EscEscCancel editing a field in grid results
Enter (while highlighting or editing a non-memo field)EnterMove to the next row
Enter + Shift (while highlighting or editing a non-memo field)Enter + ShiftMove to the previous row
Tab (while highlighting or editing a non-memo field)TabMove to the next column
Tab + Shift (while highlighting or editing a non-memo field)Tab + ShiftMove to the previous column
Enter (while editing a multi-line memo field)EnterAdd a new line when editing a multi-line memo field in query grid results
Ctrl + Enter (when editing a multi-line memo field in query grid)Ctrl + Enter (PC)

Cmd + Enter (MacOS)

Save & close the editor
Ctrl + Enter (when on a cell with a link)Ctrl + Enter (PC)

Cmd + Enter (MacOS)

Drill down into the record
Ctrl + Click (on a Column header)Ctrl + Click (PC and MacOS)Toggle on/off Subtotal Column Headers
Ctrl + Click (on the “arrow” in a Subtotal header)Ctrl + Click (PC)

Cmd + Click (MacOS)

Collapse all subtotal headers or expand all subtotal headers
Ctrl + SCtrl + S (PC)

Cmd + S (MacOS)

Overwrite the query with any changes made
Ctrl + MCtrl + M (PC)

Cmd + M (MacOS)

Summons options for record merging
Ctrl + Shift + CCtrl + Shift + C (PC)

Cmd + Shift + C (MacOS)
Copies the entire column or row by opening the copying context menu
You can read more about this in documentation.
Arrow Keys↑ ← ↓ →Move the currently selected grid box (without opening for editing)
Spacebar(Spacebar)Toggles selection of entire grid row

Input Grid

Input Grids are query results that live within records where the user may dynamically add other records. For instance, on a Student record on the Related People tab, the input grid would allow the user to Add Record for a previously unlisted relative.

Shortcut KeyCommand/
TabTabMove selected box right in an input grid
Shift + Tab (while a box is selected in a grid query results)Shift + TabMove selected box right in an input grid
Alt + T (Windows)
⌥ + T (Mac OS X)
Alt + T (PC)
⌥ + T (macOS)
Enters today’s date (also works on Detail Screens and when entering Criteria values)

Advanced Search

When using the advanced search functionality within Axiom, users may utilize these shortcuts to ease workflows.

Ctrl + Enter (when using Advanced Search functionality)Ctrl + Enter (PC)

Cmd + Enter (MacOS)

Select the current record

Advanced Search in Function Field Parameters

In Function Field Parameters, users have the ability to select multiple options to query on. Us the following shortcuts to do so. Note: these shortcuts only work in the Function Field Parameters advanced search option; they do not apply to other advanced searches in the system.

Shortcut KeyCommand/
Click + ShiftClick + ShiftSelect multiple contiguous rows
Click + CtrlClick + CtrlSelect multiple non-contiguous rows

Action Menu Navigation

The following shortcuts are applicable when the Action Menu is open.

Shortcut KeyCommand/
Ctrl + EnterCtrl + Enter (PC)

Cmd + Enter (MacOS)

Run the selected Action Menu items
Arrow Keys↑ ← ↓ →Scroll down to view more options on longer menus

Merge Records

When on a Duplicate Records results page, the following command may be used to merge selected rows

Shortcut KeyCommand/
Ctrl + M (Windows)
Cmd + M (MacOS)
Ctrl + M (PC)

Cmd + M (MacOS)

Select multiple contiguous rows
Spacebar(Spacebar)Toggles selection of entire grid row