January 2021 Client Digest

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January 2021

In This Issue
2020 Year in Review


We hope 2021 has gotten off to a good start for you, as we all look forward to a brighter second half of the school year. As we all look toward new developments in tackling the pandemic and prepare for the work ahead, we have marveled at how you have all confronted this pandemic during this challenging year. We pulled some statistics that illustrate the volume of work you have all been managing. In 2020:

  • The Veracross community sent 1,706,140 emails to 109,859,371 recipients, including 37,187,770 attachments.

  • There were 1,747,186 logins to Axiom and 25,876,958 logins to all portals (parent, student, teacher, etc.).

  • Your school communities accessed grade detail documents 5,742,479 times, schedule documents 4,006,291 times, and report card documents 3,896,080 times.
Wow! We have a few more fun stats peppered below in our year-in-review. We remain extraordinarily grateful for your partnership and look forward to tackling the new year together with you.

In Partnership,
Rich Welch
Senior Vice President, Client Experience

The Year in Review: Product Highlights

Here are some product highlights of 2020. Like all of you, we worked to maintain our planned trajectory while investing significant resources in solving the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. We also rolled out 180 enhancements and squashed 529 bugs in 2020.

Core Foundation

Our core foundation updates focused primarily on security, uploading functionality, and improved workflows, such as individual event notifications, a new self-service close-school-year workflow, OAuth, and a new photo upload workflow.

Fun fact:

  • 32 schools used the new self-service workflow to close their 2019 year
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Academics and Student Life

We had a number of new releases that were part of our original roadmap, such as a new academic document publishing workflow and school-configurable documents. We rolled these out alongside updates as we pivoted to the challenges presented by COVID-19, such as the COVID screening form and cohorts.

Fun stats:

  • 1,470 cohorts have been created and assigned to 149,696 students this fall.
  • A total of 780,203 COVID screening records were created.

“Teachers are having to work in a whole new way; [cohorts] simplify 
one part of their complex job."
— Marisue Lacher
Special Projects, Carmel Catholic High School

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Admissions and Enrollment

We built significant new functionality for Admission Portal 3, such as multi-candidate inquiry forms, multi-file uploads, admission lead inquiry forms, and the application summary document.

Fun facts:

  • 162,146 inquiries and 104,450 applications were received in the calendar year 2020.
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We continued to build out features on our new development platform while also making updates to our legacy feature set, such as new pledge options for the online giving form, a new solicitor portal, updated homepages and detail screens, new summary reports, and more.

Fun facts:

  • There was $903,124,928.40 in total giving (donations+pledges). Wow!
  • 942 recurring gifts generated a total of $133,599.08 in gifts
  • 27,853 online gifts generated a total of $39,211,511.46.
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Business Office

It's been a busy year for the business office: We've rolled out new 1099 functionality, VC Pay AutoPay batch integrity checks, a non-parent billing portal, an AutoPay schedule builder for VC Pay, and more.

Fun facts:

  • 19,020 invoices were enrolled in AutoPay and there were 1741 completed AutoPay batches.

"VC Pay has improved our overall parent experience by giving them total control of the tuition process. The ability to access and edit payments and pay invoices in the same portal they use for academic information and school news has been a game-changer."
— Jeremy Sambuca
Director of Technology, Hewitt School

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Year in Review: Veracross University

In March, we launched our online learning platform, Veracross University (VU), with several hundred videos and a couple of hundred initial learners. Now ten months later, here's what we have all accomplished together with you:

  • The VU content library is now comprised of over 1,700 videos, knowledge checks, and other unique pieces of content, organized into 123 courses and 19 learning paths.
  • We have run nearly 350 live sessions since July.
  • 3,791 active users have completed 114,287 modules organized into 7,673 courses and 813 learning paths. Over half of the completions came in May-July.

"We couldn’t be more excited about Veracross University! It has been such a valuable tool as we get up and running with Veracross. It’s been a game-changer! The breadth of content is amazing as well as the quality of instruction and the ability for our staff to access it remotely on their own time from their home. It certainly gives me confidence that we will be ready to go and use Veracross to its fullest potential when we go live this fall."
— Bill Stites
Director of Technology, Montclair Kimberley Academy

Log Into Veracross University

VU requires a different login than your regular Veracross account. Don't have a login? Reach out to your Veracross point person at your school. Still stuck? Email us and we'll get you squared away.

401 Edgewater Place
Wakefield, MA 01880

Email: communications@veracross.com

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