Online Giving 2.0

Welcome to the documentation for Online Giving Forms 2.0!


Online Giving 2.0 — Overview
Online Giving Forms 2.0 is a new iteration of Veracross Online Giving Forms that allows for additional payment options, further customization of the form itself, and streamlines the giving process for both donors and schools.
Configuring Online Giving Forms 2.0
There are many options for configuring online giving forms from the online giving form record. This article details the options available to you, broken down by tab, as well as directions for creating new online giving forms.
Online Giving 2.0 Gift Types
Overview There are many options for configuring gift types on online giving forms. This article details the options available to you, broken down by gift type including recurring gifts and recurring donation schedules.  One-Time Donations ...
Canceling Recurring Donations
Overview Recurring donations provide donors an easy method to make scheduled gifts without the manual hassle. In order to maintain donor relationships, recurring donations must be canceled manually by your school. Cancel a Recurring Donation To ...
How do I find recurring donations that I have set to inactive or archived?
There are two queries on the Online Giving homepage for archived and inactive recurring donations. Scroll down to the bottom of this homepage and in the Setup section you can see the following quesries: Recurring Donations - Inactive shows al...
Online Recurring Donations
Overview Online recurring donations allow donors to submit gifts that are processed automatically according to the schedule set by the school and chosen by the donor when submitting their gift. This functionality is currently limited to schools ...
Recurring Donation FAQs
Recurring Donations have a good deal of nuance associated with them, so we've compiled a series of commonly asked questions  related to this functionality. Questions Can I make adjustments to existing schedules or add/remove them from th...