It's the end of the term and we need teachers to post grades for the report card. How do we "open" the report card form?

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"Opening" report card forms allows teachers to begin inputting end-of-grading-period grades for their students. Report Card Form Configurations can be found on the System homepage, in the center Configuration column, under the Academics header. Once you click into a configuration record, check the following tabs:

  • General - While this is typically a one-time setup, check that the Section tab have been flipped to "Yes" for the types of grades being collect on this form.
  • Display & Grading - This tab is most commonly used as the control switch to "open" a grading period. Note that all of the grading periods for the associated grading period group are listed three times in the Grading period column. In the configuration column, there are values for "Display", "Open for Grading" , and "Open for Comments". The third column, labeled status, contains a box that must be checked for faculty to view/edit the value for the grading period. Once you check a box, click the green Update button at the top of the screen.
  • Numeric/Qualitative/Comments - These three tabs are functionally similar and are where grading period specific choices can be made in advance for an entire school year. The common practice is to set the values for  each grading period prior to the start of the school year by clicking in the Allow column next to the grading period and grade type you wish to include. After making any changes to the allowed values,  click the green Update button at the top of the screen.
  • Classes - A calculated display of classes currently assigned to the report card form configuration. Note that you cannot add additional classes from this screen. To assign a class to the report card form configuration, navigate to the class record and find the dropdown menu on the Other tab. Report Card Form configuration can also be batch updated from a find classes query result.