Issuing Multiple Checks to the Same Vendor


  1. Navigate to the Scheduled Payments Report on the Accounts Payable homepage.
  2. Click on the Invoice Number of the Vendor that you would like to issue separate checks to.
  3. On the AP Invoice, navigate to the Sched. Payment tab and locate the field titled ‘Check Seq’.
  4. Specify a unique check sequence number in the ‘Check Seq.’ field (such as “1”), and update the AP Invoice Header to save the change.  Please note that it is not necessary to enter a different ‘Check Seq’ number on the 2nd AP Invoice.
  5. Proceed with the standard check printing process.
  6. After printing the AP Checks, review them – and prior to posting – confirm that multiple checks did indeed print for the same vendor invoices.

Following the steps described above can also be used to print more checks for a single vendor.  For example, if there are six AP invoices for a single vendor and each should be paid on a separate check (six checks), simply enter a unique ‘Check Seq’ numbers for each.

The ‘Check Seq’ field can also be utilized to designate that several of a vendor’s AP Invoices should be paid with one check, while the remaining vendor’s invoices should be paid with a second check (two checks).  Simply use the ‘Check Seq’ fields to group the desired invoices together.