Is historical data affected when I change the name of a course?

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Sometimes, the name of a course adjusts from year-to-year so you may want to change the name of it. This solution may work for you under certain circumstances, but there are considerations you should be aware of.

To adjust a course name, navigate to the course record through the Course List query, change the value of the "Course Name" field. and click Update.

Courses are not year-specific; therefore, changing a course’s name affects it everywhere the course is used, e.g., on historical report cards. If you want to prevent historical information from being changed, create a new course with the new name and archive the old one, which maintains it in historical reporting but will hide it from current and future use.

To archive a course, perform the following steps:

  1. Begin on the query design screen of the Course List query.
  2. Click the check box next to the Archive field to make this field visible in the query results screen.
  3. Find the course you wish to archive in the query results screen and check the Archive field.
  4. Click Update Records.