IPS Payment Importing

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live through December 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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This article details how to import IPS payments using the Veracross Importer tool.

Enter the Data into the IPS Import Template

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: IPS Import and download the Accounting: IPS Import CSV template.
  4. Enter the IPS data into the import template (see sample template and field definitions below).
  5. Save the CSV file to your computer and specify a file name that identifies the contents or purpose of the file.

Field Definitions

  • agreement_name: Agreement name provided by IPS provider
  • agreement_number:  Account number that the IPS provider assigns to each of the participating households.
  • transaction_date: Date associated with the transactions.
  • amount_paid: Amount of the transaction
  • batch_number: a unique number used to bind payments from a single data file into a distinct group.

Load the IPS Import Template into the Database

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: IPS Import.
  4. Select the Choose File option, and locate and select the template file saved in the process documented above.
  5. Click Import button to load the template data into the Veracross database.

Validate the IPS Payments Data

After the raw data has been loaded into Veracross, it must be validated to ensure that all required information was provided and that it conforms to Veracross standards.

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, run the Unprocessed IPS Transactions query with the Batch # in your CSV file, to see the data you’ve imported into Veracross.  Notice the processing status says Not Processed.
  2. Click on the IPS Import Processing.
  3. Choose Option 14 – Validate IPS Import Data – to validate the information on all imported IPS Payments.
  4. Specify the Batch Number – the batch number you specify must match the Batch Number that was imported from the IPS spreadsheet.
  5. Specify the Invoice Type and School Year.
  6. Click Add IPS Imports.
  7. In the Transactions Ready to Import, the processing status will change to Validated.  

Creating AR Receipts from Import IPS Data

When the IPS data have been validated, you are ready to execute the process by which this data will be converted into Veracross receipts.

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, click on the IPS Import Processing
  2. Select Option Code 15 – Process IPS Import Data.
  3. Specify the Batch Number you wish to process – if you do not specify a Batch Number, then all IPS entries with the “Validated” status will be processed.
  4. Specify the Cash Receipt Batch to which you want the new AR receipts assigned. When the receipts are ultimately posted, all of those with a common receipt batch will be posted together.  If a Cash Receipt Batch has not yet been created for these receipts, simply create a new batch by clicking the magnifying glass and then specifying the “Add” option.
  5. Select the Invoice Type and School Year for invoices to which these receipts will be applied.
  6. Specify the Cash GL Account to which these receipts will be debited.
  7. Click Add IPS Imports.  When the process is complete, view the Results in the right-hand side of the screen.  Confirm that the Total Amount of the receipts created in Veracross match the total amount of the validated IPS entries that you intended to process.