Invoice Payment Service (IPS) Processing

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Invoice Payment Service (IPS) processing is a method to record receipts on invoices for use with some types of invoice payment services such as FACTS or SMART. If payroll deductions are made to pay invoices, the processing is done in the same manner.

IPS Processing Eligibility

The selection of invoices eligible for IPS processing is done based on characteristics of both the households and the invoices.


For a household to be included in an IPS processing batch, the household must have an appropriate payment method and a non-zero IPS payment amount. The appropriate payment methods are configured for your system and would normally have a name that includes the processing service (e.g. FACTS or SMART) or else be labeled as Payroll Deduction. If the payment method is not payroll deduction, the household must also have an IPS agreement number.


Once a household has been determined to be eligible for processing, posted invoices for the household are examined. Only those invoices for the specified criteria including school year, invoice type, payment method, and payment frequency will be processed any further. The invoices to be processed must also have a zero tentative payment amount.

There is a saved query currently in the Home Pages workspace category under Accounts Receivable HP called AR – Invoice Header – Payment Method/Frequency.

Note that the results above show multiple payment methods and payment frequencies. Our recommendation is that you update the selection criteria to include only those payment methods and frequencies you will be running the batch process for and then execute the query. The results will show you the invoices that would be considered for payments  You should verify that the tentative receipt fields are zero and that the Automated Payment Data Missing field is not checked. If either of these situations is not true, the batch process will not be able to generate a tentative receipt.

To create cash receipts from IPS or payroll deductions, click IPS Processing, found on both the Accounts Receivable and Student Billing home pages.

Enter data for all pertinent fields above, and click Add AR Invoice Processing when complete.

When this procedure completes, tentative receipts should have been created. On the Accounts Receivable homepage, click Unposted AR Inv Receipts. Enter criteria as appropriate or desired and run the query. Read more about query design in Axiom.