Interview Management in Admissions Visits

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Admission Interviews are the formal time in which members from the Admissions Office meet with an applicant and/or applicant’s family and interview them to determine the fit for the school. Schools can record interview times within the large context of an Admissions Visit and enter detailed notes about the interview to refer back to later in the decision making process.


There are several ways to schedule an admissions interview in Veracross. An interview can be entered in the context of the applicant’s Admissions Visit, entered through the Admission Portal and tracked as an individual event, or simply recorded as basic time and date information.

Review the interview scheduling options below and select the link to the documentation article to read more about the interview option in context.

Visits (Group Events)

Interviews are often scheduled during the applicant’s Admissions Visit. From the Visit detail screen, enter the interviewer start and end time and add all people who are attending the interview in the “Visit Attendees” input grid.

Scheduling interviews from the Visit detail screen is the Veracross recommended approach. Information entered from the Visit detail screen automatically updates the Interview tab on the Candidate detail screen. Individual event records are also created for each attendee entered in the “Visit Attendees” input grid.

Learn more about scheduling interviews with the Admission Visit.

Admission Portal Event Sign-up

Schools that use the Admission Portal can configure an admission checklist item to allow applicants to select their own interview time that works best with their schedule. An individual event record is created with the Event Type “Interview Prospect” for the applicant’s interview with the date and time they selected from the portal. Each individual event may then be processed by the Admissions Office. All communication of confirmed events occurs in the Admission Portal and through automatically sent confirmation emails.

Learn more about scheduling and managing interviews through the Admission Portal.

Interview Date and Time Tracking

Schools that are only interested in tracking basic information about an applicant’s interview such as date, time, and interviewer can track this information on the Interview tab on the Candidate detail screen. This scheduling option assumes the school uses another third-party system to manage event scheduling.

Learn more about tracking interview information.

Interview Notes

The “Interview Notes” field on the Interview tab on the Candidate detail screen is where all interview information such as summary of the interview, individual interviewer notes, etc. are tracked. This ensures that all interview information is tracked in one common location even if there are multiple interviews conducted for the applicant, or multiple interviewers entering notes.

How notes are entered for the interview is entirely up to the school, but the following provides two tips for managing multiple interviews and/or multiple interviewer notes.

Multiple Interviews

For each interview conducted start the notes with the date and summary of the interview. Notes for the interview can then be recorded under each header to ensure they remain organized. It is a good idea to number and/or label the interviews as they occur so there is an accurate and detailed record of how each interview contributed to the admission decision making process.

Multiple Interviewers

Each interviewer should record his/her notes within the “Interview Notes” field. Prefix the interview note with the date and the interviewer’s initials (e.g. 10/28 ES:).

Interview Checklist Item

Due to the flexibility surrounding the Admission Interview process, Veracross has opted not to build any automation surrounding the Admission Interview checklist item. When an interview has been deemed complete, the complete tag must be updated manually by users.