Individual Events

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Individual events are records of an interaction between a department in the school and a person or organization and are used to track the progression of the relationship toward the end goal of a department. While most commonly utilized in development and admissions offices, they can be employed across a variety of departments. Individual events are organized in the following subsections.

  • Categories
  • Types
  • Classifications

Individual events, by definition, are applied to individual person/organization/household records, and should not be confused with group events. This article outlines individual event configuration and how schools can use them.


Categories are the largest subsection the individual events can be organized into and typically correspond to a department within the school. Categories can be created and defined by schools. To create a new category, navigate to the System homepage and under the “+ Add” menu, select Individual Event Category.

  • Event Category will typically correspond to a department or a level within the school (e.g. Guidance or Middle School).
  • The Abbreviation should be easy to remember and unique. It will often be displayed on person records and elsewhere in the system.
  • The Link Style is the color that will display on queries to distinguish between individual events of different categories and should be entered at a hex code.
  • The type of Detail Screen chosen will be employed for the various types of events that will be created in the category.
    • Note: Most of the available detail screen options are specific to either Development or Admissions needs. There is a generic option that can be applied to most other departments.

Click Add Individual Event Category in the search bar to create the category.


This controls who can view, add, update, or delete and can be done before or after fully creating the category. This can be done both for security roles and individual users. Permission options include:

  • create new events
  • view events
  • edit/delete events

Individual Event Category Query

To see an overview of all configured categories for individual events, navigate to the System Homepage, under the Configurations column and select Individual Event Categories. Clicking into an event category by clicking either the ID number or the category name will display a page where the category settings can be edited and the types and classifications can be added or removed (see the sections below for configuring those features).


Individual Event Types are representative of the actual interaction between the school and the constituent, such as a phone call or a lunch with a gift officer. Like categories, types can be created and defined by schools. To create a new type, navigate to the System homepage and under the “+ Add” menu, select Individual Event Type.

  • Selecting the Event Category will associate the event type with a department and determine what kind of detail screen will be used for this type of event.
  • The Description of the event essentially defines what the event actually was, e.g. a phone call or campus visit.
  • The Display on Calendar option allows the event to show on any calendars relevant to the department.
  • The System setting is marked No by default for manually entered Individual Event but checked Yes for those generated automatically by other functions in the system. This setting cannot be modified. See below for more details.
  • Applicability: Set who the Individual Event Type applies to.
    • For example, an event type under the Enrollment category may be “Student Enrolled.” This would apply to Students and Non-Students ("Future Students" who aren't students yet) but not to the Household (or an Organization) since there may be siblings to whom the enrollment event does not apply.
  • Instances: Once the individual event type is added, see how many instances exist on the Instances tab.

Individual Event Type Query

A list of all individual event types and their setting can be viewed on a query called Individual Event Types. This can be found on the System homepage, under the Configuration column. Each event type displays alongside its event category and the settings for the type. The query also lists the number of events labeled as that type.

In addition to detailing all of the criteria that can be defined on an Individual Type record page, the query also includes the option to Include in Communication Summary which will then display events of this type on the Donor Profile Document.

Clicking on the ID or a name of the event type displays the event type’s detail screen.


Classifications are another way to organize individual events. Different from Individual Event Types – which tell what kind of event it was – classifications note what subsection of the category the event is in.  For example, a classification for a development department may be the name of a particular campaign or an event such as a phone-a-thon. Additionally, individual events can have both a type and a classification. So an event with the classification of a phone-a-thon may also be assigned to the type of phone call.

Note: Classifications are only supported as an option for events when the category is set to have a Detail Screen of either Development, Development Meeting, or Development Note. Admissions/Enrollment and generic details screens will not display the classification drop-down.

Relationship to Group Events

Individual events are often times associated with a group event. When a person is initially invited to a group event, an individual event is created on their account and is visible under the Events tab on their person record. The attendance status of the person can either be updated from the individual event itself or from the Event Attendance tab on the Group Event record. Updating the attendance record on the group event for a person will update the individual event and vice versa.

Consider the following example: Debbie Allen is a grandmother who was invited to the Grandparent’s Day event. Adding her as a record to the event attendance on the Grandparent’s Day group event causes the creation of an individual event on her person record. By clicking on the individual event description on the Events tab of the person record, the individual event record will open where the attendance status can be set.

System Generated Individual Events

Some individual events are created automatically when a certain trigger occurs. These events are marked as “System” in Axiom to note that they function this way. Most commonly they are associated with Admission, Enrollment, or Development. A few instances are outlined below, however, to see a full list, navigate to the System homepage and select the Individual Event Types query. On the System field, select yes to view only the system-generated events.

  • Initial Inquiry – an Admissions-based individual event that is added when a user enters their information to receive more information from the school.
  • Student Enrolled – this Enrollment-based individual event is added when a parent/student accepts the offer to attend the school in the admission portal.
  • Email Sent – this Development-based individual event is created when an email is sent and tracked from the development office.

It is also possible to add records to these types of system-generated events manually in the event that one is missed in error or otherwise needs to be added.