In AP3, can I adjust the grade applying for (GAF) value in Axiom?

Yes! To update the “Grade Applying For” field in Axiom, you need to update it on the candidate detail record. To access this record, perform the following steps:

The "Grade Applying for" (GAF) field can be updated on the General tab of a candidate's Admission Candidate record.

  1. From the Admissions homepage, click on the Find Candidates query and search for the candidate you'd like to adjust the Grade Applying For (GAF) field on.
  2. Click on their name to access their admission candidate record.
  3. On the General tab, adjust the Grade Applying For field in the middle column and click Update.
  4. If the adjusted grade level means that the candidate should receive different checklist items, navigate to their admission history record by clicking on the Admission History tab and clicking "View Detail" for the current admission year.
  5. Click on the Action menu button and run the “Refresh Checklist Items (AP3 Only)” procedure. This refreshes their checklist based on the new GAF and retains any checklist items that have already been completed.