Project Management

Webinar: Improving Your Parent Experience: How Hewitt School Used Veracross During the Transition to Remote Learning

05/12/2020David Kopchick
Hear how Hewitt School relied on Veracross to pivot to online learning in response to COVID-19, specifically leveraging the functionality of Veracross portals to streamline communications to families.

Webinar: Admissions Operations and Strategy in the Midst of COVID-19

04/21/2020Ian Drummond
This webinar discusses how schools have adapted their workflows and strategy in response to COVID-19. This webinar is "part 2" of the conversation. Visit to view part 1.

Webinar: Caring for Your School Community During COVID-19

04/15/2020Ian Drummond
Schools are being forced to navigate growing levels of stress and anxiety in their community amidst various changes and transitions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, Melissa Glaser cover practical steps your school can take to ensure the health and well-being of your students and parents.

Webinar: Handling Emotionally-Charged Conversations: Creating a Culture of Empathy at Your School

12/10/2019Ian Drummond
In this webinar, Tom Larkin, president and CEO of Communico, joins us for a conversation about best practices and practical steps for diffusing emotionally-charged conversations.

Webinar: Implementation Data Verification For New Schools

09/10/2019David Kopchick
Ensuring that your data comes over from an existing system into Veracross is critical to your school's success when implementing Veracross. In this webinar recording for newly implementing schools, learn about expectations and tools f...

Webinar: The New Client Portal

09/10/2019David Kopchick
  In this webinar recording, get a "guided tour" of the new client portal. Learn some best practices for submitting tickets, find ones in progress, and see where to get updates on Veracross features. Recommended for all cl...

Webinar: Wait, I thought you were doing that? How developing a RACI chart can help reduce confusion and improve collaboration

09/10/2019David Kopchick
Sep 10, 2019 Here is the sample RACI chart used in the video:  Sample SIS RACI Chart.xlsx From creating student accounts to publishing report cards and building board reports for the admissions and development offices, the t...