If someone unsubscribes from SMS messages, do they get unsubscribed from only that particular communication channel?

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If someone replies to an SMS message sent via a Veracross communication channel with UNSUBCRIBE, CANCEL, STOP, END, or QUIT, this unsubscribes them from ALL Veracross SMS messages for ALL channels. This does not unsubscribe them from emails — this functionality is SMS-specific.

Although your school is not notified if an individual unsubscribes from SMS messaging, you can build a query to regularly review who has opted out from SMS communication. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. From Emails section of the Communications homepage, start with a “Find People” query (this query is bringing in a Person’s Communication Detail information).
  2. When in the query design screen, bring in the “SMS Opt Out” field and set the properties of this field to be “Is No”.
  3. Running this query provides you with a list of all people in your database who have opted out of SMS messaging.