How can I update Grade Level, Resident Status, Student Group, and Campus for an Accepted Student?

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When you are managing enrollment for newly accepted students, it is important to note that the following fields are displayed on the "Enr Checklist" tab of the candidate detail screen, but they are really drawing from information on the application:

Field on the "Enr Checklist" Tab of the Candidate RecordCorresponding Field on the Application Record
Grade LevelGrade Applying For
Resident StatusResident Status Applying For
Student GroupStudent Group
CampusCampus Applying For

When applicants are accepted, their applications are locked, meaning that the values cannot be updated. So if you want to update any of the above fields, you need to do so on the application record, which you first need to unlock. If you update any of the above values on the candidate record without unlocking the application, the overnight scripts will revert the change. 

To update the Grade Level, Resident Status, Student Group, or Campus of an accepted student:

  1. Navigate to their application record. You can run a "Find Applications" query, or click the "View Details" link in the Application section of the General tab of their candidate record.
  2. On the "Other" tab of the application record, set the "Locked" field to "No" and click "Update."
  3. Return to the General tab and update whichever field you need to, then click "Update."
  4. Return to the "Other" tab of the application record, set the "Locked" field to "Yes" and click "Update."