IB and Qualitative Configuration

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Learn about International Baccalaureate setup and Qualitative configuration here!


Qualitative Grading Overview
Qualitative grading is the process by which instructors use rubric-based scales (e.g., 1-5, “Satisfactory,” “Needs Improvement”) to assign grades, rather than “traditional” numeric (1-100) and letter (A-F) scales.
IB MYP Grade Detail Report
The Veracross Teacher Portal offers a specialized version of the Grade Detail Report for classes configured for the IB Middle Years Program (MYP).
Qualitative Grading Best Practices
Best practices in Qualitative Grading largely comes down to how things are labeled and named. As mentioned in the Qualitative Grading Overview article, it is important to maintain a coherent hierarchical structure of qualitative grading, and label that hierarchy clearly.
Qualitative Grading Configuration
Veracross offers several approaches for configuring and managing qualitative grades. Schools can choose to set them up in Axiom using the specific qualitative grading component records or use the Qualitative Configuration Tool.