Why can't I enter a name or email for a VC recommendation form in the portal?

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If you created a checklist item for a teacher recommendation, but it looks like this:

There's no spot to click to actually submit it! To fix it, you need to add at least one notification to the form's settings:

  1. Navigate: Admissions Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal Registration Season Type > Checklist / Recommendation Forms tab > Select the recommendation form.
  2. Add the following notification:
    • Event Type: Request Created
    • Email Template: External_Recommendation_Notification
    • Recipient Type: Form Submitter
    • Recipient Person: None
    • Enabled: Check the box
    • Click Update.

Here is the required notification for a recommendation form. 

Now your checklist item has the button to interact with:

Optionally, configure additional notifications.