How do I adjust the insert or update status of a form element?

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An example screen without insert or update status drop-downs. 

In Admission Portal 3, if you encounter a web form element screen that is missing the insert and update dropdown boxes, it means that you cannot adjust whether the element is required or not.

  • This is a known bug that the particular element is using the incorrect detail screen. 
  • Workaround: Access the insert/update statuses via a query.
    1.  Navigate: Admission: Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal Registration Season Type > Choose the web form (e.g., an inquiry form).
    2. Click into a section of the web form.
    3. "Pop out" the query by clicking the "Open Query" icon on the far right. This opens the checklist items in a new tab/window.
    4. Design the query and pull in the "Insert Status" and/or "Update Status." Run the query.
    5. Update the insert or update status in the query. Click Update.