I am testing online enrollment, but I am unable to edit the contract, why is this?

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There are two likely system configurations that could be affecting the ability to edit a contract: the configured access for the student you are testing with or the enrollment checklist configuration.

1.      The first thing you should check is the “Access” tab of the enrollment detail record of the student you are testing with. Navigate to this by:

  1. On the student's person record, click into the Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on the View Detail link for the admissions year you are accessing the Enrollment detail record of.
  3. Click on the Access tab of the Enrollment detail record.
  4. On the Access tab, ensure that the parent you are logged in as (you can see the username in the top right corner of the online enrollment portal) does not have Online Enrollment Access configuration of Read Only.
  5. Double-check the additional fields such as “HPU” to ensure they are all configured properly for this parent.

2.      The second thing to check is the Enrollment Checklist configuration. You can access the Enrollment Checklist query on the Online Enrollment Homepage in the “Core Configuration Section.” You can see an individual’s enrollment checklist on the “Enr Checklist” tab of the student’s Enrollment Detail record.

The setting to look for is if checklist items have the flag checked for “Contract Pre-requisite”. This means that the particular checklist item with the flag must be marked as completed in the enrollment portal before the contract can be edited. You must to go back to the portal and ensure you completed all those items and then you should be able to edit the contract.

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