I added a checklist item, so why isn't it displaying in the admission portal?

In the admission portal 3 (AP3) context, if you add a checklist items to the registration season, but it doesn't display in the actual admission portal, you can double-check several things. 

First, navigate to the registration season:

  1. Navigate to the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage, then click the "Admission Portal" registration season type. 
  2. Click into the appropriate registration season (e.g., 2020-2021).

Then, check the following:

The three things to check: from/to grade specified, applies to prospects, refresh candidate checklists. 

  1. Does your checklist item have filtering applied to it?
    • You need to apply at least a from/to grade level to all checklist items. 
    • If a checklist item applies to everyone, then just select your lowest and highest grades, respectively.
  2. If you are looking at a prospect in the portal and expecting to see the checklist item, be sure that "Applies to Prospects" is checked.
  3. Have you run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item? 
    • Click the Action menu (lightning bolt), and select "Refresh Candidate Checklists."

Important: Run the "Refresh Candidate Checklists" Action menu item after making changes. You can run it as many times as you need to. It must be run manually; it is not part of the overnight scripts.